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Chapter 6.5. Motor Carrier Safety * Article 3. General Driving Requirements Transportation of Property.   

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The following requirements govern the transportation of hazardous materials and other property on buses and farm labor vehicles:

(a) Hazardous Materials. Motor carriers and drivers shall not transport, or knowingly permit passengers to carry, any hazardous material as defined in Vehicle Code Section 353. These restrictions shall not apply to:

(1) Oxygen medically prescribed for, and in the possession of, a passenger and in a container designed for personal use.

(2) Personal-use articles in the immediate possession of a driver or passenger.

(3) Hazardous materials transported in a bus (except a school bus, SPAB, or youth bus) subject to federal jurisdiction and in compliance with the applicable provisions of 49 CFR Part 177.

(b) Fuel. Fuel shall not be transported except in the vehicle's regular fuel tanks.

(c) General Property. Drivers and motor carriers shall not permit any greater quantity of freight, express, or baggage in vehicles than can be safely and conveniently carried without causing discomfort or unreasonable annoyance to passengers. In no event shall aisles, doors, steps, or emergency exits be blocked.

(d) Animals. A driver or motor carrier may refuse to transport dogs or other animals except as provided in Civil Code Section 54.2. When transported upon a bus engaged in public passenger transportation, all other animals shall be muzzled or securely crated to eliminate the possibility of injury to passengers. No animals except those specified in Civil Code Section 54.2 shall be transported in a school bus, SPAB, or youth bus. In such cases, the driver may determine whether the animal should be muzzled.

(e) Tools in Farm Labor Vehicles. All cutting tools or tools with sharp edges carried in the passenger compartment of a farm labor vehicle shall be placed in covered containers. All other tools, equipment, or materials carried in the passenger compartment shall be secured to the body of the vehicle.

(f) Wheelchairs. Wheelchairs transported on buses, except school buses, shall meet the following requirements:

(1) Brakes. The wheelchair shall have brakes or other effective mechanical means of holding it stationary during raising and lowering of a wheelchair platform.

(2) Batteries. Batteries used to propel wheelchairs shall be spill resistant or in a spill resistant container and shall be securely attached to the wheelchair.

(3) Flammable Fuel. The wheelchair shall not use flammable fuel.

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