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Elements of plan   

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Each plan shall include all of the following:

(a) Curricula, instructional strategies, and materials responsive to the individual educational needs and learning styles of each pupil that enable all pupils to do all of the following:

(1) Make continuous progress and learn at a rate appropriate to their abilities.

(2) Master basic skills in language development and reading, writing, and mathematics pursuant to Sections 51215 and 51216.

(3) Develop knowledge and skills in other aspects of the curriculum, such as arts and humanities; physical, natural, and social sciences; multicultural education; physical, emotional, and mental health; consumer economics; and career education.

(4) Pursue educational interests and develop esteem for self and others, personal and social responsibility, critical thinking, and independent judgment.

Consideration shall be given to the use of community resources, such as museums, libraries, and communications media, to achieve instructional improvement objectives. In addition, consideration shall be given to the use of education technology equipment, including appropriate "technology-based materials," as defined in Section 60017.1, in each component of the plan to achieve instructional improvement objectives, and to the utilization for this purpose of all funding resources available to the school district or the schoolsite, including state categorical education programs.

(b) Instructional and auxiliary services to meet the special needs of pupils of limited English proficiency consistent with Article 3 (commencing with Section 52160) of Chapter 7 of Part 28, including instruction in a language such pupils understand; educationally disadvantaged pupils; and pupils with exceptional abilities or needs.

(c) A staff development program for teachers, other school personnel, paraprofessionals, and volunteers as provided in Section 52019.

(d) Improvement of the classroom and school environments, including improvement of relationships between and among pupils, school personnel, parents, and the community, and reduction of the incidence among pupils of violence and vandalism.

(e) Other objectives as established by the council.

(f) The proposed expenditure of allowances provided pursuant to Article 4 (commencing with Section 52045) and of other state or local funds available to support the school improvement program.

(g) Ongoing evaluation and modification of the school improvement plan by the council, based on information regarding the following:

(1) The degree to which the school is meeting its improvement objectives as assessed by parents, teachers, other school personnel, and pupils.

(2) Pupil achievement.

(3) Improved school environment as measured by indicators such as (A) the incidence among pupils of absenteeism, suspension, expulsion, and dropouts and the incidence and costs of school violence, vandalism, and theft of school or private property while participating in school activities, (B) pupil attitudes toward school, self, and others, (C) incidence of absenteeism, resignations and requests for transfers among teachers and other school personnel, and (D) satisfaction of teachers, pupils, parents, administrators, and other school personnel with school services and decisionmaking processes.

(4) The degree to which fiscal expenditures meet the criteria of the school improvement plan.

(h) Improvement of pupil attendance, including parent awareness of the importance of regular school attendance.

(Amended by Stats. 2004, Ch. 183, Sec. 72.)


Education Code 51215

Education Code 51216

Education Code 52019

Education Code 52045

Education Code 52160

Education Code 60017.1