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Appeal of Facilities Complaint to Superintendent   

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(a) A complainant who is not satisfied with the resolution proffered by the principal, or the district superintendent or his or her designee, involving a condition of a facility that poses an emergency or urgent threat, as defined in paragraph (1) of subdivision (c) of section 17592.72, has the right to file an appeal to the Superintendent of Public Instruction within 15 days of receiving the report.

(b) Complainant shall comply with the appeal requirements of section 4632.

(c) The Superintendent of Public Instruction or his or her designee shall comply with the requirements of section 4633.

(d) The Superintendent of Public Instruction shall provide a written report to the State Board of Education describing the basis for the complaint, the school district's response to the complaint and its remedy or proposed remedy and, as appropriate, a proposed remedy for the issue described in the complaint, if different from the school district's remedy.

Authority cited:

Education Code 33031


Education Code 17592.72

Education Code 35186

(Added by Register 2005, No. 52.)