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Carlsbad USD |  E  1230  Community Relations

School-Connected Organizations   

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Application to Form a Parent Organization or Booster Club

For School Year

The parents/guardians of hereby request

the formation of an approved ___ Parent Organization ___ Booster Club.

The objectives/purposes of the group are:

Membership Quotas or Qualifications:

List of Specific Annual Objectives:

We have read the rules for forming and conducting this organization and agree to abide by them. We submit two copies, together with the proposed constitution and by-laws to the principal/designee who will obtain approval from the District Board of Trustees.


Signature of Parent Representative Date of Application


Proposed Name of Organization Bank Name and Location

Names of those authorized to withdraw funds:

(Note: Two signatures required on all written checks and signer must not be a District employee):


Authorized Signer Authorized Signer


Authorized Signer Authorized Signer


version: July 26, 2006 March 27, 2006 Carlsbad, California