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Temporary Athletic Team Coaches   

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The Board of Trustees desires to employ highly qualified coaches for the district's sports and interscholastic athletic programs in order to enhance the knowledge, skills, motivation, and safety of student athletes.

(cf. 6142.7 - Physical Education and Activity)

(cf. 6145.2 - Athletic Competition)

The Superintendent or designee may hire a certificated or noncertificated employee, other than a substitute employee, to supervise or instruct interscholastic athletic activities as a temporary employee in a limited assignment capacity. (5 CCR 5590)

(cf. 4121 - Temporary/Substitute Personnel)

When hiring a person to fill a position as a temporary athletic team coach, the position shall first be made available to qualified certificated teachers currently employed by the district (Education Code 44919)

All coaches shall be subject to Board policy, administrative regulations, and California Interscholastic Federation bylaws and codes of ethical conduct.

(cf. 4118 - Suspension/Disciplinary Action)

(cf. 4218 - Dismissal/Suspension/Disciplinary Action)

(cf. 5131.1 - Bus Conduct)

(cf. 5131.63 - Steroids)

(cf. 5141.1 - Child Abuse Prevention and Reporting)

Noncertificated coaches shall have no authority to assign grades to students (5 CCR 5591)

(cf. 5121 - Grades/Evaluation of Student Achievement)

Qualifications and Training

The Superintendent or designee shall establish qualification criteria for all athletic coaches in accordance with law and district standards. These criteria shall ensure that coaches possess an appropriate level of competence, knowledge, and skill.

Any noncertificated employee or volunteer who works with students in a district-sponsored interscholastic athletic program shall, prior to beginning his/her duties, submit to the Superintendent or designee either an Activity Supervisor Clearance Certificate issued by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing or a Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation criminal background clearance. (Education Code 49024)

(cf. 1240 - Volunteer Assistance)

(cf. 4112.5/4312.5 - Criminal Record Check)

Following the selection of a temporary athletic team coach, the Superintendent or designee shall certify to the Board, at the next regular Board meeting or within 30 days, whichever is sooner, that the coach meets the qualifications and competencies required by 5 CCR 5593. By April 1 of each year, the Board shall certify to the State Board of Education that the provisions of 5 CCR 5593 have been met. (5 CCR 5594)

In addition, the Superintendent or designee shall regularly report to the Board regarding the extent to which the District's coaches have completed the trainings required by law, including those required pursuant to Education Code 33479.6 and 49032, and by district policy.

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44011 Controlled substance offense

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44808 Liability when students are not on school property

44916 Written statement indicating employment status

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adopted: July 26, 2006 Carlsbad, California

revised: March 14, 2018