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Bus Conduct   

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Because school bus passengers' behavior can directly affect their safety and the safety of others, the following regulations apply at all times when students are riding a school bus, including school activity trips.

1. Riders shall follow the instructions and directions of the bus driver at all times.

(cf. 3542 - School Bus Drivers)

2. Riders should arrive at the bus stop on time and stand in a safe place to wait quietly for the bus.

(cf. 3541 - Transportation Routes and Services)

3. Riders shall enter the bus in an orderly manner and go directly to their seats.

4. Riders shall remain seated while the bus is in motion and shall not obstruct the aisle with their legs, feet, or other objects. When reaching their destination, riders shall remain seated until the bus stops and only then enter the aisle and go directly to the exit.

5. Riders should be courteous to the driver and to fellow passengers.

6. Because serious safety hazards can result from noise or behavior that distracts the driver, loud talking, laughing, yelling, singing, whistling, scuffling, throwing objects, smoking, eating, drinking, standing and changing seats are prohibited actions which may lead to suspension of riding privileges.

7. No part of the body, hands, arms or head should be put out of the window. Nothing should be thrown from the bus.

(cf. 5144 - Discipline)

8. Riders shall help keep the bus and the area around the bus stop clean. Riders shall not damage or deface the bus or tamper with bus equipment.

(cf. 5131.62 - Tobacco)

9. Service animals are permitted on school transportation services; all other animals are prohibited. (Education Code 39839; 13 CCR 1216)

(cf. 6163.2 - Animals at School)

10. Riders should be alert for traffic when leaving the bus.

11. Riders shall not use tobacco products, eat, or drink while riding the bus.

12. Riders may bring electronic devices onto the bus only if such devices are permitted at school. If the use of cellular telephones or similar devices disrupts the safe operation of the school bus, the bus driver may direct the student to no longer use the device on the bus.

(cf. 5131 - Conduct)

13. Upon reaching their destination, riders shall remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop and upon the signal from the driver, unfasten any restraint system, enter the aisle, and go directly to the exit.

14. Riders should be alert for traffic when leaving the bus and shall follow the District's transportation safety plan when crossing the road and exiting the bus.

(cf. 3543 - Transportation Safety and Emergencies)

Riders who fail to comply with the above rules shall be reported to the school principal, who shall determine the severity of the misconduct and take action accordingly. In all instances of misconduct, the rider and his/her parent/guardian shall be given notice and warning. In the case of a severe violation or repeated offenses, the rider may be denied transportation for a period of time determined by the principal, up to the remainder of the school year.

Bus drivers shall not deny transportation except as directed by the principal.


approved: July 26, 20 Carlsbad, California

revised: December 10, 2008