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Employee Compensation   

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Initial Salary Placement

A new employee shall be placed in the class appropriate to the assigned position.

1. A new employee shall be placed in Step 1 of the salary range designated for the class.

a. The Assistant Superintendent, Personnel Services, may authorize a higher step placement within the appropriate range for an especially experienced and highly qualified individual or in a job class or which qualified candidates are found to be in short supply.

b. The higher step will be applied upon completion of the probationary position (6 months) except in critical shortage situations as determined by the Assistant Superintendent, Personnel Services.

2. All provisional and limited-term employees shall be placed in Step 1 (or its hourly rate equivalent) of the appropriate range except that former district employees may be placed on the step attained prior to separation within 39 months of separation.


adopted: July 26, 2006 Carlsbad, California