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Chapter 3. Department Of General Services Subchapter 4. Office Of Public School Construction Subgroup 3.5. Regulations Relating To Surplus School Property; Use Of Proceeds Program Accountability    

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(a) The final notice of completion is filed for the project; or,

(b) Four years have elapsed from the final fund release for the project.

Projects will be subject to a Program Accountability Expenditure Audit pursuant to Section 1859.106. Any repayments due back to the state as a result of these audits will be subject to the repayment provisions identified in Section 1859.106.1.

An applicant district may not retain savings realized by a Career Technical Education Facilities Project.

Authority cited:

Education Code 17070.35

Education Code 17078.72(k)


Education Code 17078.72

(Added By Register 2008, No. 18.)