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Program elements   

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The county superintendent or the governing board of any school district, as the case may be, maintaining any of grades 7, 8, and 9, may, upon application to, and approval by, the Superintendent of Public Instruction, establish a program having the following essential elements:

(a) Identification, by appraisal and recommendation of teachers and other school authorities, aptitude tests, and other tests and means as may be authorized by the State Board of Education, of pupils whose academic attainment level and behavior as school pupils indicate that in all probability they will terminate public school enrollment prior to completion of grade 12, but who demonstrate aptitude for one or more types of precareer technical training afforded in the schools of the district.

(b) Precareer technical courses of study arranged and conducted in a manner as will permit pupils to concentrate educational effort in those courses of study pursuant to this chapter.

(c) Counseling and guidance procedures which will effectuate the purposes of this chapter. The county superintendent shall have primary authority to establish the program within his or her county. Should he or she fail, for any reason, to establish or initiate action for the establishment of a program after receiving a written request therefor from the governing board of a school district, the governing board shall have full authority to establish a program.

(Amended by Stats 2000, Ch. 1058, Sec. 64)