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Intent and purpose of legislature   

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It is the intent and purpose of the Legislature that the reading instruction program provided for in this chapter shall be directed to the prevention of, and the correction of, reading disabilities at the earliest possible time in the educational career of the pupil.

It is further the intent of the Legislature that the reading program in the public schools be of high quality. The Legislature recognizes that early development of reading skills and the early correction of reading disabilities enhances the opportunity of each pupil for success in school and for success in a career upon leaving school. The Legislature further recognizes that to achieve its intent and purpose it will be necessary to provide means to employ specialists trained in the teaching of reading. To carry out its intent and purpose, the Legislature has enacted this chapter to provide salary payments for reading specialists. It is also the intent of the Legislature that the provisions of this chapter shall be administered to provide funds and services first to those school districts and to the schools in those school districts where the need for reading instruction is greatest and the financial ability of the districts to provide it is least. This program is voluntary and any school district may participate or may decline to participate.

It is not the intent of the Legislature to preempt a school district from establishing and maintaining any other special reading program which otherwise complies with the law.

(Repealed and added by Stats. 1981, Ch. 749, Sec. 2.)