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Article 3. Records and Available Information (All Districts). Available Information.   

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Each school district furnishing transportation shall have available the following information for immediate inspection, or submission to the Superintendent of Public Instruction if required:

(a) A statement of policy adopted by the governing board that governs the operation of the pupil transportation system in the district, including the limits within which transportation is offered to pupils and the distance pupils are required to walk to school or to a regularly established bus stop.

(b) A map of the district indicating each bus route and each bus stop, or a route schedule indicating the itinerary of the bus route and each bus stop to be accompanied by a district map on which routes may be identified.

(c) A list of salaries paid for supervision, clerical, or administrative purposes.

(d) A schedule of classes to indicate double sessions or irregularities that might require extra transportation.

(e) A listing of trips made other than between home and school by each bus indicating miles traveled and pupils transported.