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Subchapter 8. Immunization Against Poliomyelitis, Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus, Measles (Rubeola), Rubella, Haemophilus Influenzae Type B (Hib), Mumps, and Hepatitis B. Article 5. Records as Evidence of Immunization (Refs & Annos). School/Child Care Facility Immunization Record   

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(a) The governing authority of each school, child care center, day nursery, nursery school, family day care home, or development center shall record each pupil's immunizations on the California School Immunization Record, CDPH 286 (01/14), hereby incorporated by reference which, at kindergarten level and above, shall be part of the mandatory permanent pupil record as defined in Section 430 of Title 5, California Code of Regulations.

(b) The governing authority may continue recording immunizations on the California School Immunization Record, PM 286 (1/02), hereby incorporated by reference, for students admitted prior to May 5, 2014.

(c) Each pupil's immunization record shall contain:

(1) Name of pupil.

(2) Birthdate (month, day and year).

(3) Date of unconditional or conditional admission (month, day, and year).

(4) Type of vaccine and date (month, day, and year) each dose was administered. Although month, day and year of vaccine administration should be recorded, showing only month and year of vaccine dose(s) shall be allowed, except for records showing measles, rubella, and/or mumps vaccine doses given during the month of the first birthday or Tdap dose given during the month of the 7th birthday, the date of immunization shall also be recorded.

(5) Date and type of exemption for each exempted immunization, if any.

(d) The immunization record shall be transferred with the mandatory permanent pupil record.

(e) For pupils at kindergarten level and above transferring between school campuses within California or from a school in another state to a school in California, if the mandatory permanent pupil record or other immunization record has not been received at the time of entry to the new school, the governing authority of the school may admit the pupil for a period of up to 30 school days. If the mandatory permanent record or other immunization record has not arrived by the end of this period, the governing authority shall require the parent or guardian to present a written immunization record, as described in Section 6065, documenting that all currently due required immunizations have been received. If such a record is not presented, the pupil shall be excluded from further attendance until he or she comes into compliance with the immunization requirements, as outlined in Sections 6020, 6035, and 6065.

(f) The governing authority shall see that the immunization record of each pupil admitted conditionally is reviewed every 30 days until that pupil has received all the required immunizations. Any immunizations received subsequent to conditional admission shall be entered in the pupil's immunization record.

(g) For pupils who are being admitted or are advancing into the 7th through 12th grades beginning July 1, 2011, the governing authority shall record each pupil's Tdap dose, given on or after the 7th birthday, on the supplemental sticker form Tdap (Pertussis Booster) Requirement [PM 286 S (01/11)]. This form is hereby incorporated by reference. The governing authority shall affix the PM 286 S (01/11) to the front of the pupil's California School Immunization Record, PM 286 (1/02) or CDPH 286 (01/14).

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(Amended by Register 2014, No. 19.)