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Centinela Valley Union HSD |  AR  0420.1  Philosophy, Goals, Objectives and Comprehensive Plans

School-Based Program Coordination   

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The Superintendent or designee shall provide information about the School-Based Program Coordination Act to each principal. Each principal shall provide this information to teachers, other school personnel, parents/guardians, and secondary students. (Education Code 52852.5)

Categorical funds coordinated under this program may include funding for: (Education Code 52851)

1. Conservation Education (Education Code 8750-8754)

(cf. 6142.5 - Environmental Education)

2. New Careers Program (Education Code 44520-44534)

(cf. 4112.21 - Interns)

3. Education Technology (Education Code 51870-51874)

(cf. 0440 - District Technology Plan)

4. Gifted and Talented Education Program (Education Code 52200-52212)

(cf. 6172 - Gifted and Talented Student Program)

5. California Regional Career Guidance Centers (Education Code 52340-52346)

(cf. 6178 - Career Technical Education)

6. Educationally Disadvantaged Youth Programs (Education Code 54000-54028)

(cf. 5149 - At-Risk Students)

7. Miller-Unruh Basic Reading Act (Education Code 54100-54145)

(cf. 6142.91 - Reading/Language Arts Instruction)

8. Special Education (Education Code 56000-56867)

(cf. 0430 - Comprehensive Local Plan for Special Education)

9. California Cadet Corps (Military and Veterans Code 500-520.1)

Funds coordinated under this program shall be used to supplement, not supplant, existing state and local appropriations. (Education Code 52852.5)

Any school participating in school-based program coordination shall not be required to meet any state laws or regulations for any coordinated program listed above, except as specifically provided under the School-Based Program Coordination Act. (Education Code 52851)


approved: December 14, 2010 Lawndale, California