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Centinela Valley Union HSD |  BB  9251  Board Bylaws

Allowance For Board Member's Use Of Vehicle In The Performance Of Official Duties   

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The Governing Board has adopted a policy whereby it may establish an allowance on either a mileage or monthly basis to reimburse authorized employees or members of the Board for the use of their own vehicles in the performance of assigned duties. Pursuant to that policy, the Superintendent or a designee shall establish procedures for the submission and verification of expense claims. He/she may authorize an advance of funds to cover necessary expenses.

The Superintendent has determined that members of the Board use their vehicles extensively in the performance of their duties as member of the Board and that, because of the various meeting throughout the district, it is difficult for members of the Board to gather and maintain the records necessary to cover the expenses incurred in the performance of their duties.

The Superintendent therefore has determined that is more cost efficient for the district to establish a monthly allowance for mileage and other expenses incurred by members of the Board in the performance of their duties within Los Angeles County. The Superintendent may determine the amount based on an approximation of the aggregate costs associated with the use of the vehicle in the performance of official duties. In addition to the monthly allowance, members of the Board may also claim mileage reimbursement if travel is outside Los Angeles County or more than 50 miles outside the district, in accordance with Board Policy 3350 and Administrative Regulation 3350.

(cf. 3350 - Travel Expenses)

(cf. 9250 - Remuneration, Reimbursement, and Other Benefits)

Legal Reference:


35044 Travel expense

35160 Expenditures


1223 Automobile allowance


adopted: December 14, 2010 Lawndale, California

revised: March 27, 2012