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Subchapter 19. Charter Schools. Article 2. General Provisions. Charter Petitions That Have Not Been Renewed Locally - Submission to State Board of Education (SBE).   

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(a) When the county board of education denies or takes no action on a charter school's petition for renewal, the charter school may submit a petition for renewal to the SBE.

(b) A petition for renewal shall include all of the following and shall be considered received when submitted to the SBE with all of the requirements set forth in this subdivision.

(1) Documentation that the charter school met at least one of the criteria specified in Education Code section 47607(b).

(2) A copy of the renewal charter petition, as denied, including a reasonably comprehensive description of how the charter school has met all new charter school requirements enacted into law after the charter was originally granted or last renewed.

(A) The signature requirement set forth in Education Code section 47605(a) is not applicable to a petition for renewal.

(3) A copy of district governing board's written factual findings denying the petition for renewal, and evidence of the county governing board's denial or, if the county board of education failed to act, evidence that the timeline set forth in section 11966.5(d) has expired.

(4) A description of any changes to the renewal petition necessary to reflect the SBE as the chartering entity.

(c)(1) When considering a petition for renewal, the SBE shall consider the past performance of the school's academics, finances, and operation in evaluating the likelihood of future success, along with future plans for improvement, if any.

(2) The SBE may deny a petition for renewal of a charter school only if the SBE makes written factual findings, specific to the particular petition, setting forth specific facts to support one or more of the grounds for denial set forth in Education Code section 47605(b) or failure to meet one of the criteria set forth in Education Code section 47607(b).

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