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Central Un ESD Lemoore |  AR  4119.22  Personnel

Employee Dress Code   

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A. In accordance with Board policy, the following Employee Dress Code applies to all employees of the Central Union School District and is in effect at all times at work and at any District school function or activity, regardless of location or time.

All clothing shall be neat, clean, in good repair, acceptable in fit and in appearance to reflect decency, modesty, and good taste.

Articles of clothing, clothing style, and shoes, which present a hazard to the health or safety of the employee, shall not be worn.

Unacceptable items of clothing or attire include:

Any attire shorter than 4" above knee

Jogging suits, sweat pants, sweat shirts (unless decorative), Lycra shorts or pants, leggings, stirrup pants (except for P.E.)

Revealing, too tight (form fitting) and/or distracting tops and dresses including:


Bare-midriff or bareback clothing

See-through outfits

Off-the-shoulder attire

Fishnet clothing

Low-cut tops

Sweaters and tops - non-revealing and sized appropriately. All tops must have at least 10 inch wide shoulder straps unless worn as an undergarment

Frayed or cut-off jeans

Beach-type sandals, jelly-type shoes

Spiked heels footwear more than 2" high

Body piercing; tattoos; make-up; jewelry, and hair color or styles, which are distracting or disruptive.


Tops/T-shirts with offensive words, slogans, cartoons and/or pictures

Unbuttoned shirts for men

Shirts that are excessively long that extend beyond the fingertips and not tucked in

Blue jeans, blue jean capris and blue jean shorts

B. This Dress Code may be modified for sports, field trips and other outdoor activities as deemed necessary and appropriate by the Principal/Department Head.

C. Accommodations for medical or religious reasons may be requested. All such requests shall be in writing and require review by the Human Resources Department and approval from the Superintendent.

D. For safety reasons, staff that works in Maintenance, Grounds, Transportation and Food Service shall wear clothing or uniforms, head coverings, and footwear appropriate for their work environment, as established by their Principal/Department Head.


approved: September 10, 2017 Lemoore, California

revised: October 15, 2017

revised: June 10, 2019