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Evaluation Of The Instructional Program   

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The Board of Trustees recognizes that it is accountable to students, parents/guardians and community for the effectiveness of the district's educational program in meeting district goals for student learning. The Superintendent or designee shall conduct a continual evaluation of the curriculum and the instructional program in order identify strategies for improving student achievement.

(cf. 0500 - Accountability)

(cf. 6000 - Concepts and Roles)

(cf. 6141 - Curriculum Development and Evaluation)

The Superintendent or designee shall provide the Board and the community with regular reports on student achievement. The reports shall include data for each district school and for each numerically significant student subgroup, as defined in Education Code 52052, including, but not limited to, school and subgroup performance on statewide achievement indicators and progress toward goals specified in the district's local control and accountability plan (LCAP).

(cf. 0460 - Local Control and Accountability Plan)

(cf. 0510 - School Accountability Report Card)

(cf. 6011 - Academic Standards)

(cf. 6162.5 - Student Assessment)

(cf. 6162.51 - State Academic Achievement Tests)

(cf. 6173 - Education for Homeless Children)

(cf. 6173.1 - Education for Foster Youth)

(cf. 6174 - Education for English Learners)

In addition, the Superintendent or designee shall conduct an evaluation of any new instructional program implemented in the district and shall regularly assess district progress toward increasing student achievement in all subject areas taught in the district. The findings of such evaluations and assessments shall be reported to the Board.

Based on these reports, the Board shall take appropriate actions to maintain the effectiveness of programs and to improve the quality of education provided to district students.

Annual Evaluation of Consolidated Programs

The Board and the Superintendent or designee shall annually determine whether the district's categorical programs funded through the state's consolidated application are effective in meeting the needs of the students they are intended to serve. As a basis for this evaluation, the Superintendent or designee shall recommend for Board approval the specific, measurable criteria that shall be used at each school and at the district level. These criteria may include, but are not necessarily limited to, the progress of all students participating in the program and of each numerically significant subgroup toward goals contained in the district's LCAP, the school's single plan for student achievement, and/or other applicable district or school plans.

Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) Accreditation

The Board believes that accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) can foster excellence and ongoing academic improvement in the district's schools. The results of the accreditation process also may demonstrate to parents/guardians and the community that the schools are meeting their goals and objectives and the WASC criteria for school effectiveness through a viable instructional program.

The Superintendent or designee shall undertake procedures whereby the district's schools may achieve and maintain full WASC accreditation status. The schools shall conduct a self-study in accordance with WASC requirements, cooperate with the WASC committee during a site visit, and develop and review action plans to increase the effectiveness of the instructional program for students. The Superintendent or designee shall regularly report to the Board on the status of district schools and any WASC recommendations for school improvement.

Not later than 60 days after receiving the results of an inspection of a school by WASC or any other accrediting agency, the Superintendent or designee shall notify parents/guardians in writing of the inspection results and/or shall post the information on the district's or school's web site (Education Code 35178.4)

(cf. 1113 - District and School Web Sites)

(cf. 5145.6 - Parental Notifications)

If any district school loses its accreditation status, the Board shall give official notice at a regularly scheduled Board meeting. The Superintendent or designee shall provide written notification to each parent/guardian of a student in the school that the school has lost its accreditation status, including the potential consequences of the loss of accreditation status.

This notice shall also be posted on the district's web site and the school's web site. (Education Code 35178.4)

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Management Resources:


Focus on Learning: Joint ACS WASC/CDE Process Guide, 2017



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adopted: January 8, 2019 El Centro, California