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School Plans/Site Councils   

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School Site Councils

School site councils shall be established when required for participation in a categorical program. (Education Code 52852, 64001)

(cf. 0420.1 - School-Based Program Coordination)

The school site council shall be composed of the following: (Education Code 52852)

1. The principal

2. Teachers selected by the school's teachers

3. Other school personnel selected by the school's other personnel

4. Parent/guardian representatives, who may include parents/guardians of students attending the school and/or community members, selected by parents/guardians of students attending the school

5. In secondary schools, students attending the school selected by other such students

Half of the school site council membership shall consist of school staff, the majority of whom shall be classroom teachers. For elementary school site councils, the remaining half shall be parent/guardian representatives. For secondary school site councils, the remaining half shall be equal numbers of parent/guardian representatives and students. (Education Code 52852)

A district employee may serve as a parent/guardian representative on the school site council of the school his/her child attends, provided the employee does not work at that school. (Education Code 52852)

The bylaws of each school site council shall include the method of selecting members and officers, terms of office, responsibilities of council members, time commitment, and a policy of nondiscrimination.

School site councils may function on behalf of other committees in accordance with law. (Education Code 52176, 52870, 54425; 5 CCR 3932)

School site councils shall operate in accordance with procedural meeting requirements established in Education Code 35147.

(cf. 1220 - Citizen Advisory Committees)

Single Plan for Student Achievement

In order for a school to participate in any state or federal categorical program specified in Education Code 52055.700 or 64000 on an ongoing basis, the school site council shall approve and annually review and update a single plan for student achievement (SPSA). If the school does not have a school site council, these responsibilities shall be fulfilled by a schoolwide advisory group or school support group conforming to the composition requirements of the school site council listed in the section "School Site Councils" above. (Education Code 52055.755, 64001)

(cf. 0450 - Comprehensive Safety Plan)

(cf. 0520.4 - Quality Education Investment Schools)

(cf. 1431 - Waivers)

(cf. 3513.3 - Tobacco-Free Schools)

(cf. 4131 - Staff Development)

(cf. 5147 - Dropout Prevention)

(cf. 6020 - Parent Involvement)

(cf. 6142.91 - Reading/Language Arts Instruction)

(cf. 6151 - Class Size)

(cf. 6164.2 - Counseling/Guidance Services)

(cf. 6171 - Title I Programs)

(cf. 6174 - Education for English Language Learners)

(cf. 6184 - Continuation Education)

The SPSA shall be developed with the review, advice, and certification of any applicable school advisory committees. (Education Code 64001)

Such groups may include, but are not limited to, advisory committees established for categorical programs such as English learner, special education, gifted and talented education, and Economic Impact Aid programs; Western Association of Schools and Colleges leadership teams; district or school liaison teams for schools identified for program improvement; and other committees established by the school or district.

(cf. 0520.2 - Title I Program Improvement Schools)

(cf. 6172 - Gifted and Talented Student Program)

(cf. 6190 - Evaluation of the Instructional Program)

The SPSA shall be aligned with school goals for improving student achievement. School goals shall be based on an analysis of verifiable state data, including the Academic Performance Index (API) and the California English Language Development Test, and may consider any other data developed by the district to measure student achievement. (Education Code 64001)

(cf. 0500 - Accountability)

(cf. 6162.5 - Student Assessment)

(cf. 6162.51 - Standardized Testing and Reporting Program)

(cf. 6162.52 - High School Exit Examination)

The SPSA shall, at a minimum: (Education Code 64001)

1. Address how funds provided to the school through specified categorical programs will be used to improve the academic performance of all students to the level of the performance goals established by the API

2. Identify the means of evaluating the school's progress toward accomplishing those goals

3. Identify how state and federal law governing the categorical programs will be implemented

In addition to meeting the requirements common to all applicable school plans, the SPSA shall address any content required by law for each individual categorical program in which the school participates.

In developing or revising the SPSA, the school site council or other schoolwide advisory group or school support group shall:

1. Analyze student achievement data. Using measures of student academic performance, the school shall identify significant patterns of low performance in particular content areas, student groups, and/or individual students and determine which data summaries to include in the plan as most informative and relevant to school goals.

(cf. 6011 - Academic Standards)

2. Assess the effectiveness of the school's instructional program in relation to the analysis of student data.

3. Identify a limited number of achievement goals and key improvement strategies to achieve the goals. School goals shall reflect the needs identified at the school site while aligning with goals identified in federally required district plans. The school shall specify the student group(s) on which each goal is focused, the methods or practices that will be used to reach the goal, and the criteria that will be used to determine if the goal is achieved.

4. Define timelines, personnel responsible, proposed expenditures, and funding sources to implement the SPSA.

The school site council or other schoolwide group shall approve the proposed SPSA at a meeting for which public notice has been posted and then submit the SPSA to the Board of Trustees for approval. (Education Code 35147, 64001)

The school site council or other schoolwide group shall regularly monitor the implementation and effectiveness of the SPSA and modify any activities that prove ineffective. At least once per year, the school shall evaluate results of improvement efforts and report to the Board, advisory committees, and other interested parties regarding progress toward school goals.

The school site council or other schoolwide group may amend the SPSA at any time. Any revisions that would substantively change the academic programs funded through the consolidated application shall be submitted to the Board for approval.


approved: December 10, 2013 Santa Ynez, California