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Superintendent Of Schools: Job Description   

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The job of Superintendent entails many complex duties, some specified in law and some assigned by the Board of Trustees. The Board shall provide the Superintendent with a job description that indicates his/her major responsibilities. These responsibilities and additional duties are further detailed throughout the Board's policies.

The Superintendent may undertake outside professional activities such as speaking and writing, provided that the duties of his/her office receive adequate time and energy and always take precedence over any such outside activities.

(cf. 2120 Superintendent of Schools)

Legal Reference:


35020 Duties of employees set by governing board

35026 Employment of district superintendent by certain districts

35028 Qualifications for employment

35029 Waiver of certifications requirement

35035 Additional powers and duties of superintendent

39656 Delegation of powers to agents

39657 Delegation of authority to purchase supplies, equipment and services

48900 Authority of superintendent to recommend suspension or expulsion


adopted: April 21, 1992 Santa Ynez, California

reviewed: March 8, 2005