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Catastrophic Leave Program   

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When a catastrophic illness or injury incapacitates an employee or family member (hereinafter "requestor employee"), fellow employees (hereinafter "donor employee") may donate accrued vacation and/or sick leave credits to the requestor employee under the specific requirements of the district's catastrophic leave program. Donations made under the catastrophic leave program shall be strictly voluntary. Donor employees shall sign a form acknowledging that the transfer of leave credit is irrevocable. Donated leave credits shall be received in increments up to 90 days, up to a maximum of 12 consecutive months.

The Board reserves the right to discontinue the catastrophic leave program at its discretion at any time; however, any requestor employee(s) utilizing donated leave credits at the time the Board determines the program is to be discontinued, shall be allowed to continue to utilize donated leave credits until such time as the maximum benefit has been received or all donated eligible leave credits have been exhausted.

Legal Reference:


44043.5 Catastrophic leave


adopted: January 24, 2002 Rancho Cucamonga, California

revised: April 14, 2011