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Library Media Centers   

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The Board of Education recognizes that school library media centers play a vital role in education by providing access to a variety of informational resources. The Board desires to provide comprehensive library media centers with up-to-date books, reference materials and electronic information resources necessary to support a high-quality educational program, promote literacy, and enable students to achieve academic standards and become lifelong learners.

(cf. 0440 - District Technology Plan)

(cf. 6011 - Academic Standards)

(cf. 6161 - Equipment, Books and Materials)

(cf. 6163.4 - Student Use of Technology)

School libraries shall be open for use by students and teachers during the school day. (Education Code 18103)

The district's school libraries may provide: (5 CCR 16040)

1. Library instruction to students that enables them to become proficient users of library resources

2. Information to teachers and administrators concerning sources and availability of instructional materials that will aid in the development of school curriculum, and, in cooperation with classroom teachers, the development of instructional units and activities using library resources

3. Assistance to teachers and students in the evaluation, selection, production and uses of instructional materials

4. A collection of materials and resources that support the curriculum and are appropriate for user needs

5. Assistance to teachers, administrators and other school staff members in becoming knowledgeable about appropriate uses of library media services, materials and equipment

(cf. 4131 - Staff Development)

School Library Plan

The Superintendent or designee shall develop a districtwide school library plan for approval by the Board. (Education Code 18181)

The school library plan shall describe the district's vision and goals for the district's libraries, progress toward previously established goals, and action steps including how the funds will be distributed. As appropriate, the plan may also address staffing, facilities, selection procedures, and prioritization of needs or other related matters.

The Superintendent or designee is encouraged to consult with school library media teachers in the development of the plan.

Individual school sites may develop site-level plans consistent with the districtwide plan.

Classroom Library Plan

When state funding is available for classroom library materials, the Superintendent or designee shall develop, for certification by the Board, a districtwide classroom library plan for grades K-4. The plan shall include a means of preventing loss, damage or destruction of the materials. (Education Code 60242, 60422)

(cf. 6161.2 - Damaged or Lost Instructional Materials)

The Superintendent or designee is encouraged to consult with primary grade teachers and school library media teachers in the development of the plan and to consider selections from the list of books recommended by the State Librarian pursuant to Education Code 19336.

Selection and Evaluation of Library Materials

Responsibility for the selection of library materials is delegated to the professional library staff through the principal. School librarians shall evaluate materials in accordance with law, Board policy and administrative regulation, and using professional selection aids and standards. The selection process shall invite recommendations from administrators, teachers, other staff, parents/guardians and students as appropriate.

(cf. 6144 - Controversial Issues)

(cf. 6161.1 - Selection and Evaluation of Instructional Materials)

(cf. 6161.11 - Supplementary Instructional Materials)

Library materials should be continually reevaluated in relation to evolving curricula, new formats of materials, new instructional methods, and the needs of students and teachers. Materials that contain obsolete subject matter or are no longer appropriate shall be removed, and lost or worn materials may be replaced if possible.

(cf. 3270 - Sale and Disposal of Books, Equipment and Supplies)

Complaints regarding the appropriateness of library materials shall be addressed using the district's procedures for complaints regarding instructional materials.

(cf. 1312.2 - Complaints Concerning Instructional Materials)


Students shall be allowed to borrow school library materials at no charge for use in the library and classrooms as well as out of school. (5 CCR 16042)

(cf. 3260 - Fees and Charges)

To encourage students to return materials in a timely manner, a nominal fee shall be charged for the late return of materials.


The district shall, on or before August 31 each year, report to the California Department of Education on the condition of school libraries for the preceding year ending June 30. (Education Code 18122)

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Management Resources:


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Recommended Literature: Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve


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adopted: December 14, 2006 Orosi, California