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Davis Joint USD |  AR  1330.1  Community Relations

Use Of Schools After Normal Custodial Hours   

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Use of schools after normal business hours are over can be accomplished through the following procedures. In some cases, a deposit may be required, as determined by the district staff and procedures.

1. The group pays the extra costs for the organization in order for the school to provide appropriate security and maintenance (e.g., cleaning of bathrooms, sweeping, opening and locking up the building). Through this method, the district staff uses the district facility reservation form to coordinate with the principal to determine if the facility is available for use, identifies the costs, and determines if appropriate paid staff are available to provide the needed services. If so, the reservation can occur upon payment of the extra costs the district would incur to make the facility available for use.

2. If no normally assigned person to that site is available, and if a substitute custodian who is familiar with the site available, the site can be reserved and used. The principal shall be the authority regarding the acceptability of a substitute custodian.

3. If after those two steps are taken, and no district employed person is available to provide the requisite services, then the school reservation request shall have to be denied, with the reason given on the form.

4. Under special circumstances, the principal may designate a member of the community to handle the opening up and relocking of the facility requested, but only if such a person fulfills each of these conditions:

a. The person is employed at the site and normally would have the keys to this school facility or is a district administrator.

b. The person is an official member of the group requesting the facility use.

c. The person can certify to the principal that he/she has freely volunteered to secure the facility without any pressure what so ever from the requesting group.

d. The person shall remain on site in the area (e.g. room) being used at all times.

e. As a community member, the person accepts full financial and legal responsibility for all matters related to compliance with district policy and procedures, state law, and full financial and legal liability and responsibility for the safety and security for the facility itself (for example: accidental or deliberate damage, problems caused by failure to re-secure the facility upon leaving, etc.).

f. The person shall at all times keep any keys on his/her physical possession. Such keys may not at any time be loaned to any other person. Nor may any copies of any such keys be made.

g. The person shall arrive and remain at the place being reserved 15 minutes before the facility is to be used and until the last person of this group using this facility area has left the area being used.

h. The designated person shall certify that he/she will have immediate access to, for example, a personal cell phone, school phone, etc. in case of an emergency requiring emergency services (e.g. 911).

In such cases, and if there is no other expense involved which would be incurred by the district, then fees to secure the facility would not need to be charged.

However, the principal's exercise of this option shall be done only with such site staff persons who have a history of demonstrated high reliability and dependability to supervise a school site, to supervise adults and other persons, and to diligently follow through on all logistics and other technical requirements ancillary to their normal site job. The exercise of the judgment in this matter is exclusively that of the principal, and any judgment made is final.


approved: March 13, 2001 Davis, California