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Naming Of Facility   

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The naming of schools shall be the prerogative of the Board of Education.

The Board may appoint an ad hoc committee to consider appropriate names for schools. Names shall be submitted to the Board for consideration.

Naming of Schools

The following criteria shall guide the committee in its consideration of names:

1. Schools may be named using geographic or other descriptive locations.

2. Schools may be named after deceased individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the global, national, state or local community.

3. Schools may be named after historical entities.

The ad hoc naming committee shall be appointed by the Board. Each member will appoint one ad hoc committee member.

In consideration of the contributions of deceased individuals, the committee and Board shall weigh the impact of the contributions over an extended period of time from the past to the present and into the future and the degree to which name shall have ongoing meaning to the school community. The final recommendation along with background and rationale shall be presented to the Board along with other names considered.

Naming Major Buildings and Major Facilities, Including Fields

The naming of major buildings and major facilities, including fields, shall be the prerogative of the Board. If a donor chooses to gift the school district with a substantial contribution or a building or program at a school, the Board may consider recognizing the contribution by naming the building or facility after the benefactor. When rooms or buildings such as libraries, multipurpose rooms, gymnasiums, or athletic fields or athletic facilities are named or renamed, the following procedures shall apply:

1. The school principal/Superintendent shall appoint a site-based site naming committee, which shall include at least five members (including at least one administrator/certificated staff member, one student [at the secondary level], one parent, and one community member).

2. Individuals or groups (including potential donors) may submit naming proposals to the committee. Proposals should provide rationale for the naming proposal.

3. The following criteria shall guide the committee in its consideration of names:

a. Places and Features (geographic location, nearby street, schools, natural features).

b. Historic Sites.

c. Descriptive Name.

d. People who have provided notable service to the school district and have retired or left the services of the district or who have played or will play a major part in creating/ funding the facility or leading school district programs.

e. No school district-owned facility should be named after a currently seated or currently appointed official.

f. Contribution/donation of land or resources shall not constitute an obligation, but may be a consideration, by the district to name the land or facility, or any portion thereof, after an individual, family or organization.

g. Names associated with tobacco or alcohol will not be considered.

h. A match between the program or use of the facility and the proposed name should be considered.

4. Proposals and Recommendations from the committee shall be reviewed by the school principal, with the recommendation(s) given to the superintendent or his/her designee.

5. Naming proposals shall be presented to the Board for a final decision.

Other Naming Procedures

1. Naming of smaller projects, including fundraising efforts (e.g., walkway pavers, tile walls), not covered by this policy will be facilitated in coordination with the district's administrative facilities planning process but does not necessarily require committee review. Individuals or organizations who wish to raise funds for a project must receive Board approval prior to attaching naming opportunities to the fundraising campaign.

2. The naming of joint-use projects may include special consideration of the partner agency(ies).

3. The district prohibits any message, image, or other depiction that advocates or endorses the use of drugs, tobacco, or alcohol, encourages unlawful discrimination against any person or group, or promotes the use of violence or the violation of any law or district policy.

4. The Board reserves the authority to terminate the naming right if it determines that the grantee, subsequent to receiving the naming right, has engaged in any of the prohibited acts stated in item #3 above or other criminal or unlawful acts that might bring the district into disrepute.

Legal Reference:


35160 Authority of governing boards


adopted: October 5, 2006 Davis, California

revised: April 2, 2009

revised: May 2, 2013