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Citizen Advisory Committees   

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Citizens Oversight Committee for Parcel Taxes

The Board of Education recognizes that public trust depends upon transparent expenditure of voter-approved parcel tax proceeds. The Board appoints the Citizens Oversight Committee for Parcel Taxes to ensure that tax funds are spent according to ballot measure language and to report annually to the Board and to the public regarding the expenditure of such monies.

(cf. 9130 - Board Committees)

Board Responsibility

The membership of the Committee shall represent the diversity of the community and a variety of perspectives. Each Board member shall nominate two representatives to serve on the Committee. The terms of the two nominees shall be two years in duration, and will expire in alternating years.

If a Committee member resigns before the end of their two year term, the nominating Board member shall provide a new nomination to complete the remainder of the term.

The Board shall approve appointments to the Committee in June of each year, and other times as needed.

A Committee member may be removed by majority vote of the Board.

The Board Parcel Tax Subcommittee shall serve as a resource to the Committee, at the Committee's discretion.

The Board shall receive the report of the Committee at a regular public meeting in January of each year.

Staff Responsibility

In advance of each meeting of the Committee, Superintendent or designee shall provide members a copy of this policy, the full ballot language for all parcel tax measures currently in effect together with any related Board resolutions, and financial documents related to parcel tax expenditures including actual expenditures with specified allocation of funds. Upon meeting to confer, the Committee may request additional information deemed necessary to fulfill their responsibility to the Board and the community.

Staff shall record summary minutes of meetings, to be approved by the Committee.

Committee membership, meeting minutes and reports to the Board shall be posted on the district website.

Committee Responsibility

The Committee, consisting of ten members, shall meet to prepare an annual report to the Board that reconciles parcel tax expenditures with programs and positions funded by the tax measure(s). The following meeting cycle is recommended, with additional meetings scheduled as needed:

* September: preliminary meeting to review adopted budget and Committee scope of work, and to orient new members

* November: working meeting to analyze data and prepare report to the Board

* January: presentation to Board at a regularly scheduled public meeting

The Committee shall annually appoint a chair from among the citizen members. The chair will assist staff in scheduling meetings, conducting Committee business, and presenting the annual report to the Board.

The Committee shall serve as a resource to the community for information related to district parcel taxes.

Committee members may serve more than one two-year term.


To assure a quorum, meetings shall be scheduled with reasonable advance notice and at a time determined to be most convenient for most members. A quorum is required to conduct business.

All meetings shall be conducted in accordance with public meeting laws. Agendas shall be posted and include time, place of meeting, discussion items, and opportunity for public comment. Minutes shall be taken and made publicly available.

Decisions shall be made by majority vote when consensus cannot be achieved. Votes shall be recorded in the minutes.


adopted: June 18, 2015 Davis, California