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Subchapter 3. General Child Care Programs. Article 4. Admission Policies And Procedures. Residency Requirements.   

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(a) In addition to other applicable eligibility requirements as specified elsewhere in this Division, to be eligible for child care and development services the child must live in the State of California while services are being received.

(b) Any evidence of a street address or post office address in California will be sufficient to establish residency. A person identified as homeless pursuant to section 18078(h)(2) is exempted from this requirement and shall submit a declaration of intent to reside in California.

(c) The governing board of any school district, community college or county superintendent of schools may accommodate children residing outside its district boundaries in accordance with Education Code section 8322(a).

(d) The determination of eligibility for child care and development services shall be without regard to the immigration status of the child or the child's parent(s), unless the child or the child's parent(s) are under a final order of deportation from the United States Department of Justice.

Authority cited:

Education Code 8263


Education Code 8263

(Amended by Register 2007, No. 33.)