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Responsibilities of the Governing Board   

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The responsibility of the Governing Boar is the management and control of the district's schools. The Board's prime functions are the formulation of policies and the judgment of result. Its ultimate goal is the maintenance and upgrading of the educational standards and facilities so that the best possible education will be available to the children of the community.

The local school district has been created as a unit of state government. The Board is, therefore, responsible to the local community and to the state government. The Board may take a public position on legislation which will directly affect the education program within the community.

Members of the Board individually will refer compliments, suggestions and constructive criticism about operational matters directly to the Superintendent for appropriate consideration and action. Comments affecting policy will be routed through regular channels to the Board meeting agenda for consideration by the Board as a whole.

(cf. 9000 - Role of the Board and Members)

(cf. 9010 - Public Statements)

Legal Reference:


78 "Governing Board" defined

35010 Control of district by board of trustees or board of education

35174 Influencing electors


adopted: April 27, 1993 Delano, California