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Delano Joint HSD  |  AR  3290  Business and Noninstructional Operations

Gifts, Grants and Bequests   

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The following procedure shall be followed whenever an individual or community group wishes to donate a gift to the district.

1. The applicable manager (principal, department head) shall inform the Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent, in writing, of the proposed gift.

2. The Administrative Assistant shall contact the applicable manager (instruction, business, etc.) to obtain prior approval of the gift relative to equal opportunities for all students of the district, instructional compatibility, safety, maintenance, operations costs, etc.

3. The item shall be placed on the agenda for specific approval by the Board unless it is determined to have a monetary value of $100 or less.

4. A written expression of appreciation from the Superintendent's office shall be sent to the donor whether the item is accepted or rejected.

5. Purchase of any equipment for the schools by any cooperating organizations or agencies other than the district shall be made only after consultation with and consent of the principal of the school and the Superintendent or designee.

Gifts to and from student bodies shall be processed in accordance with these regulations.

1. Specifically, gifts from and to student bodies shall be approved in accordance with the above procedures in advance of any commitments to obtain the items.

2. The student body must be prepared to pay in advance the cost of the item.

3. All property of the student body is under the management and ownership of the district.

4. Monies left by graduating classes should either be placed immediately in the general fund of the student body or should be set aside for a class gift.

5. Monies set aside for a class gift must be expended within one year.

6. The use of class gift money, student organization gift money, or money from the general student body fund account for improvement of buildings or grounds must be approved by the Superintendent or designee prior to its acceptance by the district.

In the event the donation is accepted, the following qualifications pertain:

1. Monetary gifts will be distributed on an equitable basis to the school and/or programs which were indicated when the gifts were accepted by the Board.

2. Acquisition of an item will be conducted through the established purchasing procedures of the district, unless some peculiar circumstances exist which preclude this procedure.

3. Each item must meet the quality standards described in specifications acceptable to the district.

4. All donations of any kind become the property of the district and are to be delivered and inventoried in accordance with established procedures.

5. No material or equipment can be accepted or housed in any district building that is "on loan" or "for storage" or in any other manner which attempts to circumvent policy or regulation on this subject.

If it is found to be impractical to return a gift that is not acceptable to the district, the item may be disposed of by means of donation or sale, if there is a willing recipient or buyer, or the item may be destroyed.


approved: April 27, 1993 Delano, California