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Delano Joint HSD  |  AR  3314.2  Business and Noninstructional Operations

District Revolving Fund   

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The person entrusted with the revolving fund can expend funds only:

1. For legal charges to the district for services or materials.

2. When a receipt is obtained with the date, purpose and amount of expenditure.

The person entrusted with the revolving fund shall ensure that:

1. A system is established in which total receipts and cash on hand or in the bank equals amount of revolving fund at all times.

2. The fund is reimbursed frequently and the total fund is reconciled at the same time.

3. Someone other than the individual responsible for the fund is designated to reconcile the bank account monthly.

4. An individual other than the person who has control over the fund shall be designated to sign checks. Checks shall be manually signed.

5. Back-up documentation is present for all disbursements made from the fund.

6. All monies returned to the fund are properly receipted and deposited.

7. Petty cash funds within the revolving fund are closed out at year-end.

8. Procedures are established for the following transactions:

a. Registration fees - may be paid out of the revolving fund provided the request includes sufficient documentation, i.e., copy of brochure, agenda, announcement, etc.

b. Travel/conference advances - Require supporting documentation to the paid.

c. Salary advances - may be paid out of the revolving cash fund to correct a payroll warrant error. However, must be reimbursed when the corrected payroll warrant is issued.

d. Personal loans - SHALL NOT BE MADE.

e. Personal checks - shall NOT be cashed out of revolving fund.

f. Mileage reimbursements - shall NOT be paid out of revolving cash.

9. The revolving cash fund is reimbursed for any travel/ conference advance within ten (10) days or two weeks after completion of the travel or conference.

10. Any travel/conference advance for a given individual is fully repaid before any additional advance is permitted.


approved: April 27, 1993 Delano, California