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Management Salary Guides   

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Step Placement on the Salary Schedules

Each management salary schedule shall have regular steps. Placement on these steps will normally be as follows:

1. Management Experience. Management employees will normally be placed on the first step of the appropriate salary schedule, but may be allowed up to four years' experience on the schedule for any previous school administrative experience for placement up to the fifth step on the salary schedule. The Superintendent retains the responsibility for decisions pertaining to deviations of salary assignments based upon experience.

2. Experience other than Education Administration. In evaluating a manager's experience other than educational administration, the district may allow two steps on the salary schedule when it appears that this experience will contribute directly to the effectiveness of the work for which the individual is being employed. This experience cannot be in addition to educational or other experience allowed in excess of two steps on the salary schedule.

3. Military Service. Military service is credited as prior managerial experience only if the individual actually administered programs while in the service in a field related to the position for which he/she is employed by the district. The military duties performed must be considered to contribute directly to the effectiveness of the work for which the individual is employed. This experience cannot be in addition to educational or other experience allowed in excess of two steps on the salary schedule.

4. Verification. Verification to the district of previous experience is the responsibility of the individual and shall be on forms provided by the District Office.

5. Advancement on the Salary Schedule. Movement to higher steps on the managerial salary schedule shall be based on demonstrated competency. Step advancements are not automatically based on years of service. An individual shall advance a step only when performance has been evaluated as satisfactory or better. A manager may remain on a step with no advancement the subsequent year when his/her performance is judged less than satisfactory.

6. Years of Service. A manager must serve 50 percent of the work year in the contracted position in order for that year to be allowed as a year of service. Time spent on leave of absence, other than medical leave, from the district shall not apply as time of service for salary placement.

Reclassification on the Management Salary Schedule

Any manager who is promoted, transferred, reassigned, or reclassified from one managerial position to another may be relocated on the management salary schedule when the contract for the new assignment is approved.

1. Upon moving to a higher salary category, the employee may be placed at the step which would result in a salary increase of at least 5% above his/her gross salary for the previous year plus any salary for the previous year plus any salary increase in effect.

2. Upon moving to a lower salary category, the manager will be placed at the beginning of the next contract on the lower category at the same step as he/she would have had on the higher assignment.

3. The Superintendent retains the right to adjust schedule placement of managers whenever he/she assigns or removes responsibilities to job assignments.

Special Service Increment

Special service salary increments for classified and certificated management personnel shall be consistent with bargaining unit contracts.

If, at any time after receiving a special service increment, a manager receives an evaluation that indicates less than satis- factory performance, that manager shall lose his/her entitlement to all special service increment previously earned. The loss shall occur in the fiscal year following the year for which the evaluation indicated less than satisfactory performance. Rein- statement of the increment may occur in the next subsequent year by recommendation of the Superintendent. If a lapse of more than one year occurs, the individual loses previous experience credit.

To receive a special service increment in addition to meeting the previous provisions, a manager must apply by letter to the personnel office. The letter must indicate the years of managerial service and the assignment title of the managerial position held by the applicant each year. The application letter and health clearance statement must be presented to the personnel office after January 1 and before March 15 of the year before the year in which the increment is to be paid.

Proper and timely application is the responsibility of the applicant. Failure to make proper and timely application may cause the award of the special service increment to be delayed one year.

Classified Management Adjustment

Management classified employees who have earned professional growth prior to 1981-82 will retain the professional growth increment as a part of their earned salary program.


approved: April 27, 1993 Delano, California