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Management Employees

Managerial employees shall accrue vacation at the rate of 2.08 days for each calendar month. This accounting is to occur at the first day of the month. (Managers beginning duty after the 15th of the month will be credited with a 1.04 day of vacation for the first partial month's period of service.)

Vacation may not be used until it is accrued. On a monthly basis, vacation availability is rounded off to the nearest whole day.

Use of vacation must be approved in advance by the employee's immediate supervisor. A manager desiring to take a vacation in a block greater than twenty-two (22) days must receive approval of the Superintendent.

Interruption of Vacation to Begin Another Type of Paid Leave

Management employees may interrupt their vacation or terminate their vacation to begin sick leave, bereavement leave, or jury leave without a return to active service provided the following provisions are met:

1. The employee, whenever possible, shall give his/her immediate supervisor notice that a break in vacation leave is necessary.

2. The employee shall be required to sign on a prescribed form a statement giving the reasons that an interruption or termination of vacation leave is necessary.

3. Subject to final approval of such interruption or termination of vacation leave by the Superintendent, the immediate supervisor shall take whatever steps are necessary to be assured that adequate and reasonable problems existed which required the interruption or termination of vacation to begin another type of paid leave.


approved: June 30, 1993 Delano, California