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Delano Joint HSD  |  AR  4243.1  Personnel

Public Notice - Personnel Negotiations   

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Public Notice

All initial contract proposals of the Governing Board and an employee organization shall be presented at a public meeting and shall thereafter be public records. (Government Code 3547)

(cf. 1340 - Access to District Records)

(cf. 9321 - Closed Session Purposes and Agendas)

(cf. 9321.1 - Closed Session Actions and Reports)

After the public has had an opportunity to provide input, the Board shall adopt its initial proposal at a public meeting. (Government Code 3547)

Meeting and negotiating between district and employee organization representatives shall not take place on any proposal until a reasonable time has elapsed after the submission of the proposal to enable the public to become informed and to express itself regarding the proposal at a public meeting. (Government Code 3547)

(cf. 4143/4243 - Negotiations/Consultation)

New subjects of meeting and negotiating arising after the presentation of initial proposals shall be made public within 24 hours. If a vote is taken on any such subject by the Board, each member's vote also shall be made public within 24 hours. (Government Code 3547)

Public Disclosure

Before entering into a negotiated agreement, the Board shall disclose, at a public meeting, the major provisions of the agreement, including but not limited to the costs that would be incurred by the district under the agreement for the current and subsequent fiscal years. (Government Code 3547.5)

In order to provide reasonable time for public review, the district shall make available to the public a copy of the proposed agreement at least 10 days prior to a meeting.

The Superintendent or designee shall also prepare a summary of the agreement which shall be available to the public. The summary shall include, but may not necessarily be limited to:

1. Major provisions of the agreement that affect compensation, such as the percentage change in salaries; changes in health and welfare benefits; changes in health and welfare benefit dollar contributions by the district; changes in step and column or longevity provisions; changes in overtime, differential, callback and standby pay provisions; changes in staffing ratios; one-time bonuses or off-the-schedule increases; percentage change of total compensation for the average represented employee

2. Other provisions that will result in increased costs to the district even if they do not involve an increase in employee compensation, such as class-size reduction or increased number of staff development days

3. Costs of the proposed agreement, for the current and subsequent fiscal years, for salaries, benefits, other compensation and other noncompensation costs

4. Proposed source(s) of funding for the current and subsequent fiscal years including the assumptions used to determine available resources to meet the obligations of the proposed agreement

5. Other major provisions that do not directly affect the district's costs, such as grievance procedures.

A copy of the Board's policy implementing the public notice requirements shall be available in the district office. (Code of Regulations, Title 8, Section 32900)


approved: October 14, 1997 Delano, California