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Delano Joint HSD  |  BP  1620  Community Relations

Elementary And Secondary Schools   

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The Governing Board has the power to join in cooperative agreements with other school districts when these will work to the benefit of both/all districts. Such agreements may include, but not be limited to, interdistrict attendance, reciprocity of expelled students, regional occupational programs and transportation and insurance services.

The Board recognizes the need and the worth of cooperative relationships with other schools and educational organizations. It encourages members of the school staff to work with their counterparts in such organizations on educational matters within the framework established by the statutes, state regulations and Board policy.

Agreements which involve the exchange of funds or service shall be approved by the Board and executed in writing.

Legal Reference:


17722 Approval of new school facilities

17050 Joint use of library facilities

17051 Joint use of park and recreational facilities

35160 Authority of governing boards commencing January 1, 1976

35161 Powers and duties generally

35172 Promotional activities

35173 Expenses

37026 Contract between elementary school districts and certain high school districts for education of seventh and eighth grades

46600, 46602-46604, 46607, 46609, 46611-46613, 46615-46616, 46617-46618 Interdistrict attendance computation

52302.5 Regional occupational program


adopted: April 27, 1993 Delano, California