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Student Production Of Services And Materials   

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The Superintendent or designee may sell to any student district property which has been fabricated by the student at the cost to the district of the materials furnished by the district. (Education Code 17551)

The Superintendent or designee may sell to persons enrolled in classes for adults such materials as may be necessary for making of articles by such persons in such classes. The materials shall be sold at not less than the cost to the district and any article made shall be the property of the person making it. (Education Code 17552)

Students may provide services and produce materials in the schools only when such production furthers such student's educational development. Costs of services and products produced in school shops and laboratories, for non-school use or consumption, shall be borne by the user or consumer when such costs are over and beyond normal instructional and material costs.

Priorities for availability of services and products for non- school use (such as servicing automobiles in vocational shops) shall be:

1. Students of the schools.

2. Adults other than school system employees or Governing Board members.

3. School system employees. (Because of the possibility of charges of conflict of interest, this third category should be used with great care.)

Students will not be used to run personal errands for teachers on school time.

Legal Reference:


17551 Property manufactured by pupils

17552 Sale of materials to adult pupils


adopted: April 27, 1993 Delano, California