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Delano Joint HSD  |  BP  7110.1  Facilities

Determining Needs   

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The Superintendent shall maintain planning procedures for school facilities. These procedures shall serve as the basis for determining facility needs that will enhance the district educational program. Accordingly, criteria for determining these needs shall reflect the goals and objectives of the district facilities master plan.

The Superintendent shall draw upon all necessary resources to assure that proposed district facilities meet the educational needs of the students and conform to all planning requirements imposed by state and local governmental agencies. These resources shall include district staff, educational consultants, architectural and engineering firms, utility companies, local governmental and planning agencies, the County Office of Education, the State Department of Education and the Office of the State Architect.

To assure a comprehensive approach to projecting and planning needs, the following elements shall be considered in planning school facilities:

1. The expanding and changing educational program of the district including the number of children to be served and their specific educational needs.

2. The impact of proposed facilities on the community and considerations regarding community use of the facilities.

3. Safety and welfare of students.

4. The relationship between existing and new facilities.

5. Community planning and zoning requirements.

6. Other site specific information which provide guidance in the planning of facilities.

Legal Reference:


17260-17268 Plans of schoolhouses

17302 Persons qualified for the preparation of plans, specifications, and estimates and the supervision of construction

17307 Approval in writing from Department of General Services (construction or alteration of school facilities)

17316 Contract provision required making plans etc. property of district

17365-17374 Fitness for occupancy

35275 New school planning and design (re cooperative relations with recreation and park authorities)


14030(c) Prepare educational specifications

14031 Submission to bureau of school facilities planning

14032 Plan approval

14033 Planning guides "The Guide for Planning Educational Facilities"


adopted: April 27, 1993 Delano, California