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Delano Joint HSD  |  AR  7110.1  Facilities

Determining Needs   

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Forecasting Enrollment

Methods for forecasting enrollment shall consist of at least the following:

1. Public facility plan projections.

2. Periodic student census.

3. Principals' reports for current and projected enrollment.

4. Review and evaluation of proposed rezoning.

5. Review of approved building permits.

6. Information submitted by builders and developers.

7. Reports indicating anticipated and approved number of dwelling units resulting from submitted site plans.

Developing Educational Specifications

To ensure that facilities being planned are designed best to implement the educational program, the planning process will provide for the establishment of educational specifications to apply when planning and building, leasing, permanent or temporary school facilities.

The educational specifications will include at least the following:

1. Description of the students to be housed (e.g., age level, number, levels of intelligence, physical normality or abnormality).

2. The kinds of educational activities to be carried on.

3. The kinds and amount of furniture and equipment needed.

4. The relationship among areas of plant and site (band room and library; playing fields and library; front office and school control).

5. Special site considerations (wild areas, cooperative community use, traffic patterns, etc.).

6. Any other kinds of information which will give guidance to an architect in arriving at a solution (e.g., special electrical or plumbing needs).


approved: April 27, 1993 Delano, California