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Building Design   

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Minimum standards for school building design, as specified in the state law, shall not limit creative design, so long as standards of safety, durability, use and access are observed.

The guiding principles in school design must be the educational program to be served and the health and safety of the students and staff. There is, in addition, the important but intangible matter of esthetics, particularly as they reflect the aspirations of people for their schools.

True economy in construction, operation and maintenance is dependent upon first meeting the educational specifications of the new plant, for there is no economy when a new building does not meet the educational, physical, climatic, and other needs of students, staff and others who may use the facility.

The Governing Board requires that the architect and other appro- priate design professionals present the alternatives available for the climate control system, with particular attention to be paid to systems making the widest and most effective uses of solar energy.

The Superintendent and staff are delegated the responsibility for recommending to the Governing Board overall building plans which best reflect the above.

Legal Reference:


17251 Powers concerning buildings and building sites

17302 Persons qualified for the preparation of plans, specifications, and estimates and the supervision of construction

17365 Legislative findings and declaration (re fitness of buildings for occupancy)

17366 Legislative intent (re fitness of buildings for occupancy)

32000-32004 Uniform fire signals (re requirements for dependable and operative fire warning system)

39119 Contract provision required making plans, specifications and estimates property of the school district

39144 Required safety approval by Department of General Services before letting any contract


adopted: April 27, 1993 Delano, California