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Participation in Planning   

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The preparation and approval of building plans is an especially important focus of participation. At the local level, Education Code 35275 requires districts to consult with local government and park and recreation authorities in the planning of facilities. Consultation with local planning agencies regarding proposed sites is covered under BP 7220.

At the state level, the State Department of Education, the Office of the State Architect and the Office of Local Assistance are the three primary agencies involved in the design and approval of school building plans. The State Department of Education has approval responsibilities for all plans where construction is funded by state monies. In addition, the Department approves plans for school districts which are not unified school district or districts whose ADA does not exceed 2000. Approval responsibility is limited to those projects costing $7500 or more.

The office of Local Assistance (OLA) located within the Department of General Services is the oversight agency for coordinating all projects funded by state construction monies. OLA determines eligibility for funding and is responsible for ascertaining compliance with all state requirements concerning building plan approval, site selection and development, CEQA compliance, bids, furniture and equipment needs, architect selection, and final construction. The recommendations for funding by OLA are submitted to the State Allocation Board for final funding decisions.

The Office of the State Architect is responsible for approving all building plans prior to construction to insure student safety, accessibility for the handicapped and compliance with all fire safety and panic requirements established by the State Fire Marshall. Plan approval by the State Architect is required for all construction costing more than $20,000. The State Architect's responsibilities also extend to the inspection of school facilities by licensed architects or structural engineers for compliance with state building codes and safety standards.


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