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Naming Of Facility   

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It is not necessary that names be selected for all of the district's facilities or buildings. Only in those cases where identification by a specific name aids in the operation of the facility or building should a name be selected.

When it has been determined that the naming of a facility or building is deemed essential to its operation, a name or several names is/are to be selected by school personnel and approved by the principal and the Superintendent's cabinet before being recommended to the Governing Board.

Names selected to be applied to any facility or building shall be free from biases, prejudices, political or religious connotations and shall not recognize any individual, except a facility may be named for any individual who has been deceased for at least 25 years and over the course of time it is determined that the individual has made an outstanding contribution to the county or community. Buildings can be named for any deceased individual whose contributions to society and education has been recognized nationally or locally. In addition, a facility may be named after any individual that has been recognized by either the State of California or federally by having a holiday declared in his or her name.

Prior to naming a new school, the Board will be receptive to recommendations from the community, staff and students.

In selecting a name for a new school, the Board shall consider the location, community and local heritage. Names which reflect biases, prejudices, political or religious viewpoints shall be avoided.

A new school shall be named in sufficient time to properly identify all plans, specifications and legal documents essential to its construction.


approved: July 9, 2002 Delano, California