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Delano Joint HSD  |  AR  3511  Business and Noninstructional Operations

Energy And Water Conservation   

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The district's energy emergency action plan shall, at a minimum, address the following:

1. Procedures for student and staff safety during power outages

2. Methods to ensure administrative control of operations during power outages

3. Procedures to protect equipment that may be damaged by power outages, such as computers and pumps

4. Procedures to establish a clear, effective communications system with staff, students and parents/guardians

5. Guidelines for coordination with local fire, police and utility providers

(cf. 3516 - Emergencies and Disaster Preparedness Plan)

The Superintendent or designee designates the following position as coordinator of the district's energy tracking, reporting, and conservation efforts:

Associate Superintendent

District and school-site plans to conserve resources shall address energy and water use at each site, including plans for:

1. Reducing energy use during high-peak hours

2. Shutting down lights and equipment when facilities are not in use

3. Updating each site's preventative maintenance schedule for emergency lighting, generators, exit lighting, and other safety related equipment

The following operations shall also be reviewed in order to ensure that they further the district's energy and water conservation goals:

1. Educational programs

2. Classroom and building management and maintenance

3. Food services and equipment maintenance

4. Landscaping selection and irrigation

5. Transportation services and maintenance

6. New construction

7. Administrative operations

8. Use of facilities by outside groups

To enlist the support which is essential to achieving the district's energy and water conservation goals, the principal at each site shall:

1. Solicit input from staff, students, and parents/guardians related to district energy and water use

2. Develop strategies designed to ensure cooperation from students and staff in all conservation efforts

3. Recognize those who reduce energy and water use


approved: June 12, 2001 Delano, California