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Extracurricular And Cocurricular Activities   

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The Board of Trustees of the Delano Joint Union High School District, in association with the California Scholarship Federation, supports a strong interscholastic program as an integral part of the education process for students attending our schools. Each student athlete is required to adhere to the rules and regulations of the California Interscholastic Federation and the district Athletic Code.

Each parent and student athlete must read and sign this code prior to entering an athletic program in the Delano Joint Union High School District.

Athletic Code:

1. Eligibility:

Prior to participation, each athlete must complete the clearance package which includes the following:

a. Physical Form

b. Insurance (Required for Football)

c. Ethics Code

d. Athletic Code

e. Emergency and Parent Consent Card

(Parent Initial) (Student Initial)

2. Scholastic Eligibility:

a. A student must be currently enrolled in at least 20 semester units.

b. A student must have passed 20 semester units at the completion of the previous regular grading period.

c. A student must have a 2.0 GPA during the previous grading period.

d. No student is eligible if he or she has 3 F's on his or her report card.

e. Students who earn between 1.66 to 1.99 GPA will be placed on probation and will remain eligible to participate if they achieved over 2.0 the previous grading period. Coaches will be informed. Students on probation must achieve a 2.0 GPA during the next grading period to stay eligible. Limit: one probationary period per school year.

(Parent Initial) (Student Initial)

3. Competition - Outside Team:

a. A student on a high school team becomes ineligible if that student competes in a contest on an "outside" team in the same sport (same season).

b. A student on a high school team may be suspended or removed from that team if found to be participating on any outside team.

(Parent Initial) (Student Initial)

4. Attendance

Athletes are to attend all classes the day of game or match. If the athlete is found to be absent then they are considered ineligible to participate in that event. Exceptions are emergency conditions, school activities, and certain excused absences. All exceptions must be approved by the Athletic Director prior to the event. Excused absences may be cleared by the Athletic Director on a case-by-case basis.

(Parent Initial) (Student Initial)

5. Transportation:

All participants will ride to and from all school related athletic events on district provided transportation. Any request to use private transportation must be submitted to the Athletic Director for approval prior to the event. Requests may or may not be approved. The requests must be made in written form and signed by the legal guardian of the student. The only exception is if the coach knows the parent or legal guardian, who in person asks the coach to take their child. This should only be done in an emergency situation. All other requests should be submitted in advance to the Athletic Director. Under no conditions should the athlete be released to anyone but other than the legal guardian/parent. Persons who are not team members or team coaches may not travel with the team on district provided transportation.

(Parent Initial) (Student Initial)

6. Drop or Removal:

Athletes that are dropped or removed from a sport must be cleared by the Athletic Director prior to moving on to another sport. All equipment must be turned in to the respective coach, all financial obligations for missing equipment and/or team fundraising events must be reconciled, and the clearance card must be signed by that coach before the athlete can be cleared for another sport by the Athletic Director. All players are strongly encouraged to remain on the team and finish the sport. The athlete must finish the season in order to receive Athletic Letter Points and team awards.

Athletes should speak with the coach and the Athletic Director prior to dropping a sport to ensure that all solutions have been exhausted. If there has been a team rules violation that causes the removal of an athlete, both the coach and the athlete should meet with the Athletic Director as soon as possible to determine the proper course of action. Students that quit a sport are not subject to any penalty, but future participation in that sport may require parent conferences and/or written agreements to achieve the necessary level of commitment to the sport and team.

(Parent Initial) (Student Initial)

7. Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drugs:

The illegal use or possession of (or willingly contributing to the illegal use or possession of) tobacco, alcoholic beverages, drugs, or narcotics by a district athlete is prohibited at any time, any place, during the calendar year! If, after a thorough investigation by school officials, there is a preponderance of evidence that an offense had been committed, the athlete shall be immediately suspended from participation for a period of six consecutive school weeks. 2nd Offense: 12 consecutive school weeks. 3rd offense: One calendar year. If a student is expelled, participation in any sport is not permissible until the timeline requirements have been met, and the athlete cleared by site administration.

(Parent Initial) (Student Initial)

8. Performance Enhancing Substances

All student athletes are prohibited from the use of androgenic/anabolic steroids without the written prescription of a fully licensed medical doctor to treat a medical condition. If after initial investigation, there is a preponderance of evidence that an offense had been committed; the athlete shall be immediately suspended from participation for a period of six consecutive school weeks. 2nd offense: 12 consecutive weeks. 3rd Offense: 1 calendar year. If a student is expelled, participation in any sport is not permissible until the timeline requirements have been met, and the athlete cleared by site administration.

(Parent Initial) (Student Initial)

9. Bullying, Intimidation, or Hazing

A pupil may be suspended from school or recommended for expulsion, if the superintendent or the principal of the school in which the pupil is enrolled determines that the pupil has engaged in, or attempted to engage in, hazing. "Hazing" means a method of initiation or pre-initiation into a pupil organization or body, whether or not the organization or body is officially recognized by an educational institution, which is likely to cause serious bodily injury or personal degradation or disgrace resulting in physical or mental harm to a former, current, or prospective pupil. "Hazing" does not include athletic events or school-sanctioned events in which physical activity is a normal part of participation. However, in athletic events and school-sanctioned events, bullying and intimidation of stakeholders is not permitted.

Any student involved in bullying, intimidation, or a hazing incident may be subject to disciplinary measures including but not limited to the following penalties: a) Suspension, expulsion, and/or arrest; b) Suspension from athletic, co-curricular, and/or extra-curricular privileges (a student athlete who engages or attempts to engage in hazing directed towards another student athlete shall be subject to a suspension from athletics for a period not less than one calendar year); c) Prohibition from participation in one or more of the following: student reward incentives; school/sanctioned activities, including but not limited to pre-graduation activities and the graduation ceremony.

(Parent Initial) (Student Initial)

10. Equipment:

Athletes shall assume responsibility for all athletic equipment issued to them and will be expected to pay for any abused or lost equipment. The athlete will not be eligible to participate in another sport until the items are returned or paid for.

(Parent Initial) (Student Initial)






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