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Behavioral Intervention Plan And Emergency Procedures   

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The Humboldt-Del Norte SELPA shall implement the Positive Behavioral Interventions mandate through the development of behavioral intervention plans for special education students who exhibit serious behavior problems. A "serious behavior problem" is defined as behavior that is self-injurious, assaultive, and/or that causes property damage, which is pervasive and maladaptive, the behavior relates to the student's disabling condition, and that it significantly interferes with the implementation of the goals and objectives on the student's current Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

This new state mandate is in response to a need to ensure that when behavioral interventions are used with special education students who exhibit serious behavior problems, the interventions are used in consideration of the student's physical freedom and social interaction and are administered in a manner that respects human dignity and personal privacy. Positive behavioral intervention ensures a student's right to placement in the least restrictive educational environment while at the same time ensuring a safe educational environment for all other participants.

The Humboldt-Del Norte SELPA recognizes that within the process of developing and implementing a behavioral intervention plan, there shall be a thorough functional behavioral analysis assessment conducted by a qualified certificated staff member. The behavioral intervention plan will be developed and evaluated through the existing IEP procedures and timelines with parent notice and consent for assessment. Behavioral interventions shall be identified to address the identified target behavior which shall not cause pain or trauma and that shall respect the dignity and privacy of the individual.

Emergency behavioral interventions and emergency safety procedures shall be implemented and enforced.

The SELPA shall provide training for behavioral intervention case managers and emergency procedure training for education staff required to use those procedures. The trainings will focus on functional assessments, positive programming, case management, behavioral emergencies and other relevant areas. Training shall be provided on a yearly basis.

Legal Reference:

Section 3001 (as amended) and 3052 of Title 5 of the

California Code of Regulations, Hughes Bill AB 2586,

Ed Code Sections 56520 and 56521.


adopted: March 10, 1994 Crescent City, California

readopted: July 13, 1995