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Teacher Aides/Paraprofessionals   

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Qualifications and Duties of Paraprofessionals

No person shall be initially assigned to assist in instruction as a paraprofessional unless he/she has demonstrated proficiency in reading, writing, and mathematics skills up to or exceeding that required for the district's high school seniors pursuant to Education Code 51220(a) and (f). (Education Code 45330, 45344.5, 45361.5)

A paraprofessional who has passed a proficiency test in another district and was employed in the same capacity shall be considered to have met the district's proficiency standards, unless the district determines that the other district's test is not comparable. (Education Code 45344.5, 45361.5)

Instructional aides shall perform only such duties as, in the judgment of the certificated personnel to whom the instructional aide is assigned, may be performed by a person not licensed as a classroom teacher. These duties shall not include assignment of grades to students. (Education Code 45344)

(cf. 5121 - Grades/Evaluation of Student Achievement)

Instructional aides need not perform their duties in the physical presence of the teacher, but the teacher shall retain responsibility for the instruction and supervision of the students in his/her charge. (Education Code 45344)

Additional Qualifications and Duties of Paraprofessionals in Title I Programs

All paraprofessionals working in a program supported by federal Title I funds shall have received a high school diploma or its equivalents. (20 USC 6319; 34 CFR 200.58; Education Code 45330)

(cf. 6171 - Title I Programs)

In addition, at least one of the following criteria shall be met immediately by paraprofessionals hired on or after January 8, 2002, and by the end of the 2005(06 school year by paraprofessionals hired before January 8, 2002: (20 USC 6319; USC 6319; 34 CFR 200.58; Education Code 45330)

1. Completed at least 2 years of study at an institution of higher education

In accordance with the definition adopted by the State Board of Education, "two years of study" shall be equal to 48 semester units or equivalent quarter units.

2. Obtained an associate's degree or higher.

3. Knowledge of and the ability to assist in instructing reading, writing, and mathematics, as demonstrated through a local or state assessment.

A paraprofessional hired on or before January 1, 2003, shall be deemed to have met the proficiency exam requirements of item #3 above if he/she has previously demonstrated, through a local assessment, knowledge of, and an ability to assist in, instructing reading, writing, and mathematics. (Education Code 45330)

When a paraprofessional has previously worked in another district, the Superintendent or designee may determine whether any assessments conducted by the previous district satisfy the proficiency criteria of item #3 above.

Items #1 and 3 above shall not apply to any paraprofessional: (20 USC 6319; 34 CFR 200.58; Education Code 45330)

1. Who is proficient in English and a language other than English and who provides services primarily to enhance the participation of children in Title I programs by acting as a translator

2. Whose duties consist solely of conducting parental involvement activities consistent with 20 USC 6318.

Paraprofessionals working in a program supported by Title I funds may be assigned to: (20 USC 6319; 34 CR 200.59)

1. Provide one-on-one tutoring for eligible students, if the tutoring is scheduled at a time when a student would not otherwise receive instruction from a teacher

2. Assist with classroom management, such as organizing instructional and other materials

3. Provide assistance in a computer laboratory

4. Conduct parental involvement activities

5. Provide support in a library or media center

6. Act as a translator

7. Provide instructional services to students, provided that the paraprofessional is working under the direct supervision of a teacher.

Title I paraprofessionals may assume limited duties that are assigned to similar personnel in non-Title I programs, including duties beyond classroom instruction or that do not benefit Title I students, in the same proportion of total work tie as non-Title I paraprofessionals. (20 USC 6319; 34 CFR 200.59)

The principal of each school operating a Title I program shall annually attest in writing (see Form 4222) as to whether the school is in compliance with federal requirements regarding qualifications and duties of paraprofessionals listed above. Copies of attestations shall be maintained at the school and district office and shall be available to the public upon request. (20 USC 6319)

Parental / Guardian Notification

At the beginning of each school year, parents/guardians shall be notified that they may request information regarding whether their children are provided services by paraprofessionals and, if so, their qualifications. (20 USC 6311)

(cf. 5145.6 - Parental Notifications)


adopted: September 12, 2006 Placerville, California