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School Attendance Boundaries   

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Students are assigned to individual high schools based on established school boundaries. School boundaries may be viewed on the District's website ( or by contacting local high schools or the District Office.

Ways to Establish Residency:

1. The student resides with the parent within the school boundary. Parent must have at least 50 percent joint physical custody.

2. The student resides with a legal guardian within the school boundary. If residence of a student is being established by legal guardianship, legal proof must be provided. This would constitute the court order establishing the legal guardianship.

3. The student resides in a foster family's home, licensed children's institution, or other licensed child care facility within the school boundaries.

4. The parent or legal guardian lives outside the El Dorado Union High School District and the student resides with a caregiver who has completed a Caregiver's Authorization Affidavit (for district residency, not school placement).

5. The student lives in the school attendance boundary and is legally emancipated and living independently of any caretaker relative, parent and/or guardian. Proof of legal emancipation may be required of the student.

For the purposes of this regulation, resides means living and sleeping within the abode of the designated person having charge of the student.

This section is not intended to be in conflict with the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act. (42 USC 11431-11435)

Proof of Residency:

Prior to admission in district schools, students shall provide proof of residency. Reasonable evidence of residency may be established by documentation including, but not limited to, any of the following: (Education Code 48204.6)

1. Mortgage or rental/lease contract and payment receipts.

2. Utility service payment receipts (e.g., land-line telephone, propane, and electric bills).

3. Parent's vehicle license plate number.

If the school administration has reason to question the reported residence of the student or believes that a parent/legal guardian has provided false or unreliable evidence, the school may require additional information including, but not limited to, any of the following:

1. An affidavit for verification of residency executed by the student's parent/legal guardian. (An affidavit is a document signed under penalty of perjury that the statements made in the document by the signatory are correct).

2. Mortgage or rental/lease receipts throughout each school year that identify the occupants of the residence.

3. DMV Notice of Change of Address (separate application for each driver within household) to include change of address for vehicle registration(s).

4. U.S. Postal Service Change of Address.

5. Current land-line telephone service (with phone number) and utility (propane/electric, etc.) service contracts with verification of termination of same services at the former residence.

6. Documents of termination from prior residence (verification of county recording; expired lease/rental agreement).

If there is still a reason to question the residence, a finding of fact may be made regarding the recorded owner of the reported address, and the homeowner exemption claim made for property tax purposes.

A move within the El Dorado Union High School District that results in a change of school placement must be genuine, without fraud or deceit, and with permanent (at least one school year) intent.

Enrollment that is based on false documentation or evidence will result in the student being reassigned to the appropriate high school.

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approved: May 25, 1993 Placerville, California

revised: June 8, 2010