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The district shall not accept a sponsorship from any manufacturer or distributor whose name appears on the label of a dietary supplement that contains substances banned by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency and the substance synephrine. Such supplements shall not be sold, distributed, or marketed at a school-related event. (Education Code 49031)

Marketing includes, but is not limited to, direct product advertising, provision of educational materials, product promotion by a district employee or volunteer, product placement, clothing or equipment giveaways, or scholarships. Marketing shall not include the inadvertent display of a product name or advertising by a person who is not a manufacturer or distributor. (Education Code 49031)

In order to minimize the health and safety risks to student athletes, school personnel, including coaches, shall not supply or recommend any drug, medication, or food supplement to enhance an athlete's performance.


The principal or designee shall ensure that the following warning, reproduced in no less than 10-point bold type, shall be posted in every locker room of schools with classes in grades 9-12 and contained in any contracts for the lease or rental of the school's athletic facilities: (Civil Code 1812.97)

Warning: Use of steroids to increase strength or growth can cause serious health problems. Steroids can keep teenagers from growing to their full height; they can also cause heart disease, stroke, and damaged liver function. Men and women using steroids may develop fertility problems, personality changes, and acne. Men can also experience premature balding and development of breast tissue. These health hazards are in addition to the civil and criminal penalties for unauthorized sale, use, or exchange of anabolic steroids.


approved: September 14, 1999 Placerville, California

revised: August 14, 2007