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Community Care Facilities Act   

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(a) The Legislature hereby finds and declares that there is an urgent need to establish a coordinated and comprehensive statewide service system of quality community care for mentally ill, developmentally and physically disabled, and children and adults who require care or services by a facility or organization issued a license or special permit pursuant to this chapter.

(b) Therefore, the Legislature declares it is the intent of the state to develop policies and programs designed to: (1) insure a level of care and services in the community which is equal to or better than that provided by the state hospitals; (2) assure that all people who require them are provided with the appropriate range of social rehabilitative, habilitative and treatment services, including residential and nonresidential programs tailored to their needs; (3) protect the legal and human rights of a person in or receiving services from a community care facility; (4) insure continuity of care between the medical-health elements and the supportive care-rehabilitation elements of California's health systems; (5) insure that facilities providing community care are adequate, safe and sanitary; (6) assure that rehabilitative and treatment services are provided at a reasonable cost; (7) assure that state payments for community care services are based on a flexible rate schedule varying according to type and cost of care and services provided; (8) encourage the utilization of personnel from state hospitals and the development of training programs to improve the quality of staff in community care facilities; and (9) insure the quality of community care facilities by evaluating the care and services provided and furnishing incentives to upgrade their quality.

(Amended by Stats. 1974, Ch. 497, Sec. 1.)