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Scrip Use For Fund-Raising   

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The District has established a Scrip account which is kept in a FDIC insured, bank. This account will be maintained on an imprest accounting system. Two signatures will be required for withdrawals from this account. Interest earned on the account will be used to pay for operating costs for the Scrip program. Interest earnings above costs will be deposited back to the General Fund on an annual basis. The account will be reconciled on a monthly basis. The following persons will be authorized to sign on the account:

$ Assistant Superintendent-Business Services

$ Assistant Superintendent-Educational Services

$ Director of Fiscal Services

$ Executive Assistant to the Superintendent

$ A designated business employee

Administrative Guidelines: The athletic programs at the four comprehensive high schools and student organizations at all high schools are authorized to participate in the District Scrip program for fund-raising purposes. The school principal and District staff will determine which organizations will be eligible for participation.

Organization Administration: In accordance with and within the limitations set forth by the Education Code of the State of California, the cost of administering the program for student organizations may be charged against their funds and the funds of the District. (Education Code 48937)

The participating non-profit organization will have the total responsibility for soliciting, promoting, and informing the participants of the program details. Each organization will be responsible for the fund-raising activities of its members. The Scrip fund-raising effort of each student organization will have a designated advisor appointed by the school principal. This advisor must be a certificated staff member.


The District will track receipt of funds from participating merchants and electronic Scrip companies as approved by the Board of Trustees. Persons who would like the District to track their Scrip purchases must complete the Account Set-up form and return it to the Scrip Coordinator at the El Dorado Union High School District office. The information on this form is kept confidential and is used to post earned Scrip credits to the approved school program. Scrip donations received on behalf of persons who do not have an Account Set-up form on file will be posted to the General Athletic Program account of one of the four comprehensive high schools to be used at the discretion of that school's Athletic Director.

No student shall be required to raise a specified amount of money in order to participate in an activity sponsored by a school-related organization.


There are two programs that the District participates in; they are:

a. Nugget Markets: Nugget Market and Food4Less Markets.

b. eScrip: Benefits Mobile.

These two programs are managed separately and do not share information with other companies. Information reported to these companies is kept confidential. The Nugget Scrip program require participants to use an eScrip card, which is registered to the school and activated under the purchaser's name. eScrip requires participants to set up an electronic account at their website. Participants can then register their credit cards at this secure site for the purpose of tracking purchases from participating merchants. The eScrip program charges a 15% service charge on all Scrip credits. The 15% service charge is deducted from individual earnings prior to credits being posted to the accounts. Participants in the District Scrip Program can sign up for one or both of these programs.


All funds raised through Scrip for student organizations for student organizations will be deposited into the Associated Student Body fund of the appropriate school upon request of the designated program advisor or Scrip participant. The funds will be held in trust for the student organization for which they were raised until the expenditure is approved.

The funds shall be expended subject to such procedure as may be established by the student body organization and subject to the approval of one of the following three persons: an employee of the school district designated by the superintendent, the certificated employee who is the designated advisor of the particular student body organization, or at a parent(s or student(s request. (Education Code 48933b)


Administration for Parent Organizations (With the advance written approval of the school principal, a parent organization whose bylaws state its purpose is to support the school, may participate in Scrip fund-raising. The District Office will provide information regarding the Scrip fund-raising program. However, parent organizations are to deal directly with companies who offer Scrip. The organization or group will establish a system of fiscal controls to govern the administration of the budget and the collection and expenditure of funds.

(cf. 1230 - School-Connected Organizations)


approved: October 22, 1996 Placerville, California

revised: December 6, 2011

revised: June 11, 2019