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Gifts, Grants And Bequests   

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When donations to the schools are accepted by the Governing Board, they become the property of the district and may be distributed within the district at the discretion of the Superintendent.

The building principal shall inform the Superintendent or designee, in writing, of any donations or gifts made to the school in order that such donations may be accepted by the Board.

Generally speaking, donations to the school may be grouped into four general headings:

1. Service: Donations of this nature include holiday treats, end of the year treats, banquets for students, graduation expenses, funds for summer recreation, etc. These donations are nontransferable.

2. Capital Improvements: Donations of this nature usually include such items as shrubs, monuments, plaques, and the like. These donations are nontransferable. All donations of capital improvements (i.e., sheds, buildings, construction materials, apparatus building hardware, and any remodeling or additions to any buildings or grounds) shall be reviewed and approved by the Facilities Department for architectural safety, maintenance and placement criteria. Following construction, all documentation regarding such donations must be submitted to Business Services before they are placed on the Board agenda for acceptance. In addition, the Board recognizes that donations of capital improvements are nontransferable, therefore, all donations of capital improvements with a value of $5,000 or more should receive conceptual approval from the Board prior to fund-raising activities specifically allocated for that purpose.

3. Equipment and Supplies: Donations of this nature include such items as books, A.V. equipment, computer equipment, encyclopedias, literature of instruction, etc.

4. Vehicles: Vehicles donated for instructional use only are not insured, licensed or to be driven. All vehicles for other than instructional use shall be reviewed by the supervisor of transportation for safety, insurability, licensing and potential maintenance impact. All documentation regarding such vehicle donations must be submitted to the transportation department before they are placed on the Board agenda for acceptance. Vehicles should be donated to the El Dorado Union High School District and not to the individual school site so that they can be issued and licensed under the district's insurance policy.

5. Gifts to Teachers: Teachers must receive prior approval from their principals before accepting gifts of value from students or parents.

6. Collection of Money: Teachers must receive prior approval from their principals before making any money collections.


approved: December 5, 1972 Placerville, California

revised: January 25, 2005

revised: August 2005