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El Dorado Union HSD |  AR  3541.1  Business and Noninstructional Operations

Transportation For School-Related Trips   

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The district may provide transportation for students, employees, and other individuals for field trips and other school-related trips approved according to Board policy and administrative regulation.

(cf. 3312.2 - Educational Travel Program Contracts)

(cf. 3540 - Transportation)

(cf. 3541 - Transportation Routes and Services)

(cf. 6153 - School-Sponsored Trips)

The principal or designee and the Director of Transportation shall determine the mode of transportation to be used for each approved trip.

School-related organizations requesting transportation shall be fully responsible for the costs of their trips.

(cf. 1230 - School-Connected Organizations)

The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that the district has sufficient liability insurance when field trips or excursions involve either transportation by district vehicles or travel to and from a foreign country. When a trip to a foreign country is authorized, liability insurance shall be secured from a carrier licensed to transact insurance business in that country. (Education Code 35330)

(cf. 3530 - Risk Management / Insurance)

Transportation for student groups to and from off-campus activities shall be restricted to:

1. District-owned vehicle

2. Private vehicles

3. Commercial carriers

4. Governmental agencies

No other transportation arrangements are authorized in transporting students.

Transportation by bus should be considered as the primary means for transporting students and should be used whenever possible and available.

Transportation by organized private vehicles as a parental responsibility may be used when bus transportation is not available or when these alternative means of transportation are appropriate.

Transportation to and from all district-sponsored field trips within a radius of 300 miles of Placerville will be performed by district employees. Transportation shall be contacted and given an opportunity to submit a quote on all trips. All other trips may be contracted out.

All students who are transported to activities must return to the point of departure by the same vehicle unless: (a) they are released at the activity site to their parent/guardian by the principal or designee using Form 6153.3B: Parent/Guardian Request to Use Transportation When district Transportation is Provided, (b) the parent/guardian has, through prior arrangements with the school principal, obtained written permission (using Form 6153.3B) for the student to be released from school supervision to the parent/guardian's designee, providing that such designee is at least 25 years old or a relative and supplies the school staff supervisor with satisfactory identification.

Any time there is a school-related trip and transportation is being provided by the district, and more than 18 students are being transported, the trip will use a school bus.

A list of all passengers will be forwarded to the Transportation Office to all field trips.

A school bus shall be used to transport students to a school-sponsored event when the following criteria are met:

1. More than one team is going to the event.

2. The time of participation for each team is reasonably coinciding.

3. The total number of students of the combined teams is more than 18 students.

No less than once per month, a report shall be delivered from each school to the transportation department, providing the following information:

1. Dates and times vans have been used to transport students.

2. Name of driver.

3. Number of students transported.

4. Location of event and mileage to event.

District-Owned Vehicles

1. Where district transportation is to be used, requests for transportation must be made in a timely manner, and no less than 21 calendar days prior to the beginning of the trip.

2. Transportation schedules for athletic teams are to be submitted to the Transportation Office at least 2 weeks before the first game of the sport.

3. Upon approval of an instructional trip, a School Transportation Request form completed by the principal or designee shall immediately be forwarded to the Transportation Office.

4. If a trip is canceled, the sponsor/coach shall notify the Transportation Office as soon as possible; otherwise, there may be a 3-hour minimum charge if the trip is canceled after the driver arrives.

5. People who are not approved by the principal as an approved volunteer for the activity or a student or supervisor affiliated with the school group will not be allowed to ride the bus.

6. All drivers will instruct participants in behavior, safety and evacuation procedures prior to departure.

7. Nothing in district regulations shall relieve the bus driver of responsibility with respect to his/her operation of the bus or the exercise of his/her legal authority over all students on the bus.

(cf. 3542 - Roles, Duties of Employees)

Requirements for Driving Vehicles Carrying Students

District Vehicles Carrying Students May Be Driven Only By District Employees.

In order for an employee to drive a district-owned vehicle with students or a volunteer to drive their private vehicle with students, the employee and volunteer shall:

1. Have the approval of the principal or his designee.

2. Be at least 25 years of age.

3. Provide the district with their valid California Driver's License number.

4. Have a driving record, based on a printout of their H-6 DMV Driver's Record from the California Department of Motor Vehicles, with no more than:

2 points in a 12-month period

3 points in a 24-month period

4 points in a 36-month period

5. Drivers will be included in the DMV pull notice program. The district will be notified by DMV of any activity relating to the driver's driving record.

Duties of All Drivers

1. The driver is responsible for the conduct of students while in the vehicle.

2. All occupants of a vehicle shall wear seat belts in accordance with law.

3. The driver shall not allow the number of passengers to exceed the posted capacity of the vehicle. No more than nine passengers and the driver shall be transported in a van.

4. The driver shall inspect the vehicle before transporting students in the vehicle. The inspection shall include, but not be limited to the tires, brakes, lights, horn, fuel tank and gauge, window glass, seat belts, and safety equipment. In the case of a district-owned vehicle, any noted defects will be reported to the person in charge of the vehicle at each school, and in the case of a private vehicle, the person in charge of the school-related trip shall be notified. The defect will be repaired before the vehicle will be allowed to transport students.

5. The driver will provide to the principal or designee a list of riders in the vehicle before leaving the school.

6. Luggage and equipment will be stored in a safe manner.

Additional Requirements for a Volunteer Driving a Private Vehicle

The following is in addition to the requirements and duties specified in the previous sections:

1. The volunteer driver shall submit a signed Volunteer and Employee Auto Usage Statement for placement in the school's office file each year.

2. The volunteer driver shall waive and release the district from any and all claims for reimbursement for any such transportation.

3. The volunteer driver shall be informed that excess coverage provided by the district will be secondary to the individual driver's primary coverage.

4. The volunteer driver shall provide evidence that he/she has a current comprehensive automobile liability insurance policy which provides $100,000/$300,000 liability coverage and $25,000 property damage.

5. The volunteer driver agrees not to use open pick-up trucks, open jeeps, motor homes, convertibles, and camper-type vehicles which do not allow students in the passenger compartment.

Commercial/Governmental Transportation

1. Commercial or governmental transportation may be used if such transportation meets all the legal requirements for transporting students.

2. Buses and bus drivers must meet current state and district requirements governing school activity trips.

3. All drivers will instruct participants in behavior, safety and evacuation procedures prior to departure.

4. All agencies or commercial carriers providing transportation to students must provide a certificate of insurance naming the El Dorado Union High School District as additionally insured. In the event of a trip to a foreign country, liability insurance must be provided by a carrier licensed to transact insurance business in that country.

5. The use of commercial transportation to transport students on field trips, shall be contracted only with vendors from an approved vendor list established by the district liability insurance provider.

a. Vehicles supplied to the district shall be certified by the California Highway Patrol, Motor Carrier, as a School Bus or School Pupil Activity Bus.

b. Drivers supplied to the district shall be certified as School Bus Drivers or School Pupil Activity Bus Drivers.

c. Vendor shall have maintained a satisfactory California Highway Patrol Motor Carrier inspection rating for the last 12 months, and that rating will be available to the district at any time upon request.

6. A transportation request form shall be completed, signed by the principal, and forwarded to the Transportation Department 21 calendar days prior to the date of the field trip.

7. The principal or designee shall make sure that only contractors from the approved vendor list are used, that the Transportation Department is notified by submitting a transportation request, that the bus is certified and that the driver has a School Bus Driver Certificate or a School Pupil Activity Bus Driver Certificate.

8. The Transportation Department shall verify that the bus is certified and that the driver has a School Bus Driver Certificate or a School Pupil Activity Bus Driver Certificate.

9. Transportation by air may be used with the following carriers only:

a. Aircraft owned and operated by the state or federal government.

b. Regularly scheduled aircraft operated by a carrier defined in the Federal Aviation Act of 1958 and certified by the Civil Aeronautics Board to engage in such transportation.

c. Charter aircraft possessing the same qualifications.

d. All must certify that they are insured for liability in the states or countries involved.

Principals shall have available for review by parents/guardians information regarding the nature of the activity, time of departure and return, name of the supervisor and other specifics.

The principal may authorize students to provide their own transportation for activities within the district.


approved: October 12, 1999 Placerville, California

revised: April 8, 2008

revised: February 2009