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Gifts, Grants And Bequests   

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The Board of Education may accept any bequest or gift of money or property on behalf of the district. While greatly appreciating suitable donations, the Board discourages any gifts that may directly or indirectly impair its commitment to providing equal educational opportunities for all district students.

To be acceptable, a gift must satisfy the following criteria:

1. Not add to staff load.

2. Not begin a program which the Board would be unwilling to continue when the donated funds are exhausted.

3. Not entail undesirable or hidden costs.

4. Place no restrictions on the school program.

5. Not be inappropriate or harmful to the best education of students.

6. Not imply endorsement of any business or product.

7. Not conflict with any provision of the school code or public law.

8. Have a purpose consistent with those of the district.

Gifts shall be accepted only if they meet regular district criteria for purchase or acquisition. All gifts, grants and bequests shall become school district property. All gifts shall be given to the school district, and not to a particular school. At the Superintendent's discretion, a gift may be used at a particular school.

The Board will try to follow the donor's wishes insofar as they do not conflict with district philosophy or operations.

(cf. 3430 -Investing)

Legal Reference:


1834 Acquisition of materials and apparatus

35162 Power to sue, be sued, hold and convey property

41030 School district may invest surplus monies from bequest or gifts

41031 Special fund or account in county treasury

Authority of school board to accept gift or bequest; investments; gift of land requirements


adopted: October 15, 1984 Elk Grove, California

revised: June 19, 1995