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Cooperative Vocational Education Training Agreements and Individualized Training Plans.   

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(a) The vocational education director or his/her designee shall prepare a written training agreement which delineates the responsibilities of each employer and local education agencies.

(b) The cooperative vocational education teacher in cooperation with the training station employer and student shall prepare an individualized training plan for each pupil to include, but not be limited to, the following:

(1) Competencies to be presented in the instructional objectives of the approved course/program.

(2) Expected duration of training for competencies necessary for employment.

(3) Identification of competencies to be taught in either related classroom instruction and/or the paid training station.

(4) Verification that the student has acquired the competency by demonstrating a proficiency equivalent to entry-level employment and/or advanced occupational areas. A copy of the individualized training plan shall be maintained at the cooperative vocational education training station.

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(Amended by Register 87, No. 50.)